DotA 6.80 Map Download and Changelogs [Released]


DotA 6.80
IceFrog has just made DotA 6.80 available for download. The update is entirely focused on balancing, no new content has been added. The v6.80 has an interesting series of mechanic changes, heroes tweaks and items rescaling.
For example; Sniper gets extra 80 bonus range, Kelen's Dagger no longer requires mana, You lose gold if you don't pick hero after selection timer runs out and tons of other balances. Make sure you the full patch notes before playing!

Download Map File
Update: Dota 6.80b has been released.

Download the map file (with .w3x extension) and place it in (Warcraft III\Maps\Download) directory. You must have Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24e or above to play this map.

Map Changelogs (Patch Notes)

There will probably be a Dota 6.80b/c map in the near future to fix the leftover bugs.If you encounter any, report them directly to the IceFrog. Also, you can share suggestions about the next version of DotA.

* Please notify if there is any issue with download link(s).

DotA 6.78c AI

16 Comments yet..:

Anonymous said...

First blood!

looks like dagger is now a core item for every hero

Anonymous said...

well duh. ./?

Ersonic Hyun said...

First Blood !!

i hope 6.80 AI will Release As Soon As Possible :)

Anonymous said...

Cool. However im still gonna wait for new contents!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shadow Amulet should have cooldown if It cast it on an Ally. :)

dennisjan27 said...

2nd blood?

Awesome Changelogs

dennisjan27 said...

2nd Blood

Awesome Changlogs I like the Dagger

jagat prajapati said...

how could sentry ward visible by opponent, no another sentry and gem, may be bug

Anonymous said...

cool update thanks :D dagger rocks

Anonymous said...

6.80 AI plssss.

Anonymous said...

There are six eggs in the Long Out Side of the map

Anonymous said...

what the different betwen aI map and this?

Anonymous said...

Ai map is playing with the computer system
And this map is playing with a another player either LAN or ONLINE

DrakeUltima said...

wish there's AI update

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why cant i play the 6.78c i already downloaded it

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