DotA 6.83 Map Download and Changelogs

Dota 6.83c - New Gameplay Changes
IceFrog has released the new version of our most beloved game. The DotA 6.83c with a direct leap from DotA 6.81d, bringing a ton of gameplay, path (terrain) changes along with a new Rune System. Now Runes spawn at both locations simultaneously. A bounty rune is added which gives you little EXP and gold, it spawns every 2 minutes. Many heroes, spells and items are reworked. It will take a while for you to familiarize with all the changes.

DotA 6.81d Map Released - Download Available

DotA 6.81d map is publicly released in the early August. This map has been released after a very long wait. This release closely focuses on balancing some key heroes which were carrying extra edge in the previous map. Interestingly there hasn't been any new hero or item included in the new map instead there are numerous heroes, cosmetics, items and gameplay balance changes have been made.

DotA 6.81b Map Changelogs - Patch Notes

DotA 6.81b Changelogs
DotA 6.81b map is out with some exciting new changes in it. Firstly starting with the unusual move from the IceFrog by releasing the DotA 6.81b map instead of DotA 6.81 which was surprise for millions of DotA fans all around the globe. Secondly the release of changelog in the Chinese language which might well have been a good gesture from the developer after Chinese team won the "The International" tournament.


What happened to Garena LAN Games?

Garena LAN Games Missing
Garena has apparently removed virtual LAN from Garena+ client without any notice. All games including Warcraft 3 TFT/DotA, Counter-Strike and Age of Empire etc. are no longer supported. Users around the world are unable to join game rooms as loading gets stuck at "Auth in Main Server". Also, new Garena+ update is being rolled out in which LAN Games button is completely removed.

DotA 6.80c Map Download and DotA 6.80b Gold Bug

Dota 6.80c
Not long ago, IceFrog released DotA 6.80c map, the third of its series' as a result of severe Gold Exploit in v6.80b which allowed any player to gain unlimited gold by abusing Ward-sharing mechanic.

DotA 6.80b Map Download and Changelogs

IceFrog rolled out a quick update in form of DotA 6.80b to get rid of bugs that appeared earlier, only two of them are reported to fixed in the changelogs.