DotA 6.83c Arc Warden Infinite Gold Bug Found

DotA 6.83c map was the third map of 6.83 series and it was released few weeks ago due to some bugs and errors. This time we came up with a game breaking bug which will allow you to have infinite gold in your game. Zet, Arc Warden is now having an ability to get unlimited gold without farming creeps. Since its a serious bug so we are expecting a new map release soon.

Pictorial Guide:


Step by Step Guide:

  1. You have to pick Zet, Arc Warden and build butterfly item in his inventory.
  2. Learn the Level 1 Tempest Double skill.
  3. Click on the tempest double mirror image inventory butterfly 5-6 seconds before it ends.
  4. Now wait for the clone to vanish.
  5. After the clone is disappeared you will see an item dropped on the ground.
  6. Just pick that item and sell it to the shop and you will get the half gold of that item.
  7. Now do it repeatedly and you will get the gold.
Note: Please do not use this bug in the league or important games.

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