Practice Pudge's Meat Hook in Training Map!

♦ Playing Pudge the Butcher in Dota Allstars is an art. Butcher's Meat Hook spell needs a lot of Practice/training to use it perfectly. I found a Pudge Meat Hook Training Map in which you can practice Meat Hook spell of Pudge and I wanna share this map to you guys. You can also master this spell in PUB games in Garena and with Dota AI maps. But I think practicing hooks on this map will be more good rather than playing using methods given above.

Pudge Hook Training♦ This map contains 7 types of diffrent Trainings. Like a single hero running with same path, a hero running in Fog (see picture below). Or a hero running in between creeps etc.. In this you have 10 chances to pass each training. I am sure that your accuracy and timing of hooking by playing this map will surely improve. Give it a try!

Download Pudge Hook Training Map:
Practice_Your_Pudge_P_v1.02.w3x (28 KB)
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