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Dota 6.60 DotA Allstars 6.60.w3x Updates by IceFrog
IceFrog (developer of Dota) has released some updates of Dota 6.60 Map on his blog. According to IceFrog he said that there will be new hero, mode and some items changes on Dota 6.60. Well I am very excited to see Tauren Cheiftain in Upcoming Dota 6.60 Map. Release Dota 6.60 Soooooooon!!!!!!!!!

Below you can see the updates of Dota 6.60 by IceFrog:-

DotA 6.60:
Here are the new Dota 6.60 map updates by IceFrog:

While I'm posting this, I'll give a brief update regarding the next version because many people have been emailing asking about it. I've had lots of hardware problems in the past few weeks that have slowed development, but I got everything back to normal now.

The next version still has a bit more to go before it is ready, but I'll give a rough summary of what I hope to release in it. It will have at least 1 new hero, many hero remakes (mostly partial remakes not complete revamps like the recent ones), some functional improvements to existing Items, Hero balance changes and a new mode or two. There is a chance that a new Item will make it through to the final version as well, but it's hard to say with any certainty.

Also if you have any information, beta maps, leaked changes you can share it here. It will be appreciated.

And By the way he got a really nice gift in the mail He wants to share with us. Actually It's a mouse pad signed by a bunch of competitive players that participated in the DotA-League Masters event. You can see some signatures of Miracle, PlayMate, Maelk, Pusher etc..


I cannot explain how grateful and excited I was to get this. Thanks a lot, it makes it all worthwhile :)

Front and Back Sides

Well IceFrog buddy, thanks for the updates about Dota 6.60 Map, and you got a really great gift from the International Dota Teams. Hope we will get Imba release Dota 6.60 soon.

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SinnerSynx said...

lol admin you are using keywords for search engine optimization SEO

Restananse said...

very nice dota blog ,,
can't wait for the 6.60
i love dota

dedaeng said...

Great blog...
Thx for visiting my blog..

Unknown said...

i want dota

Unknown said...

You forgot to post this: (also in the same IceFrog post)

"03/05/09 Update: There seems to be a lot of confusion going on the net. Various leak websites have people posting under my username to confuse players. I'm not sure why some players think that I would post there, but it seems like many do based on the volume of emails regarding it.
Aside from the data in this post, I have not said anything regarding 6.60 at all. It is also not my last version. As I have stated before, I have no plans to stop updating the map anytime soon."

Unknown said...

i cant wait more for dota 6.60 i am waiting this for weeks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

DOTA . i can't wait for 6.60...

[^_^]NoOb said...

i love u iceKATAK!!!!!!!! ong kedek kedek
cant w8 6.60 fast la aisKATAK

{^_^]NoOB said...

u kalu xpuas ati jom la fight kat garena!!!!!!
aku noob jek aisKATAK!!!!!

[^_^]NoOb said...


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