Reduced Disconnection in Garena 3.3

The makers of Garena are now working on the latest version Garena 3.3, in which they will improve Network Optimization which will reduce disconnection in Dota. And there are rare chances that they bring some teamtalk softwares. I.E Skype, Ventrilo, Teamspeak etc.. by which we can communicate with other players while playing Dota.

You can download the beta version of Garena 3.3 here for testing, If you find any bugs you can report it here!

Note: Please unzip it and put to a new folder instead of original Garena folder.

Here are the changelog of beta version

Here are the Change log :

1. Remake of the internal system to make Garena more stable.
2. Greatly optimized networking performance to reduce disconnection
3. Minor bug fixes.
4. Enhanced Anti Hack mechanism

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