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GarenaGarena Helper is a handy program/tool for helping Garena users to customize their client and make sure it runs smoothly. It's easy to use and adds several features to the Garena client that are not available, like banlist management or skin switcher. You can read more features of this program below!
  • You can modify all the Garena Settings and all the Garena TV settings
  • You can change a user settings, including Custom Game Name
  • You can manage your banlist (import, export, share it with your friends)
  • It has a module, Garena WatchDog, that detects cheats and closes them before you can get ban by the system
  • You can change the Garena client skin, choose from several available and more to come, and change the Garena client colors.
Also, this program has an auto update feature, it means that you won't have to manually download new versions of it, every time I add something new.

Garena Helper Screenshots:-

The first ScreenShot is with the BanList manager window, and the second is with the Skin and Color Modifier.
Garena HelperGarena Helper

Also visit Garena Helper official website!

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Unknown said...

why make stuff like this to encourge hackers just pathetic and makes garena community just as bad as bnet

Unknown said...

you don't say, this program that doesn't contain any form of exp hacking or other types of hacks encourge this ? not the garena admins that don't ban hackers.

Unknown said...

This program discourages hacking... it has a built in anti-hack program... it stops it so you won't be banned...

Unknown said...

Program updated to v2.1 - Fixed bugs and added new Skins

Download links:

Or visit main page:

funbg said...

filefront error file is unavailable .. :\

visalkh said...

not working cant download it :(

Anonymous said...

zzzz working thnx

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