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MYM star carry player Clinton "Fear" Loomis has left MYM Dota Squad, Due to his Job and studies schedule which made him impossible to play/practice for the official matches of MYM. Well, he left MYM gaming for his future and its ok. But Meet Your Makers will have some hard times in Dota without MYM|Fear . Now they will have to work hard for their coordination in future matches.

Here is the statement from FearDarkness:
I'm sad to be leaving MYM, I've been with the guys for a year now, we've had a lot of great times together and I'll miss them all. But with my current schedule (new job and school) and being 9 hours behind the rest of the team it's just too hard to get online and practice with them or even play matches so I feel it's best they find someone in my stead. I'll miss the guys and hope the best of luck in the future.
New MYM roster will look like this:
  • Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen
  • Brian "Mania" Strandby
  • Martin "Pusher-Street" Mogensen
  • Amel "Playmate" Barudzija
  • Kai "H4nn1" Hanb├╝ckers
  • Ben "Merlini" Wu

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