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Way points are very important in DotA used to give commands in a queue to a unit. Now days most of the Dota Players don't know about usage of Way points. Here is a guide to Way points, which will help you to improve your gameplay.

•What is Way Point ?
•Way Point is like a combo commands to your hero.

•How to set Way Point ? " SHIFT + your commands
•How to cancel Way Point ?Just issue your hero a new instant command

What is the benefits using way point ?

  1. You can do combo spells or attacks. For example, Sand King using epicenter with dagger (First, cast epicenter then followed with dagger item hot key before epicenter came out and click to the spot you would like to blink) or Shadow Shaman using Shackle + Voodoo + Fork Linghting or you can do TP + spell or attacks.
  2. Buy time for your hand. Let’s say you’re a Sentinel player, farming at the bottom lane, you’re about to encounter the first Scourge bottom tower, you would like to shop but the tower is in the way, of course you would be using the river route right? So if you just click at the shop, your hero would use the route with pass by the tower. You can way point this way, move to river + SHIFT + move to shop, that can at least buy your hands some time to type.
  3. Specific creeps targeting. After a Carrion Swarm, you find 5 Necromancer one blow left to kill, instead of clicking them one by one, you could set a way point like above ( Attack unit + SHIFT + next target + next target… )
  4. Quick item drop. If you have a chicken, you can use it to toss all the item at you at once instead of clicking it one by one ( Drop an item + SHITF + Drop another item + Repeat… )

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d3s0lator said...

try doing this with with dragon knight and get him manta in...u can have 3 in dragon form ..
same applies to lycan and tb
use shift to execute them simultaniously

SinnerSynx said...

nice ali thanks for sharing

Gilang said...

Drop an item + SHITF + Drop another item + Repeat…

lol shitf.

Anonymous said...

cool :D

iloveporn said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do it to Dmzhexor

Anonymous said...

well this waypoint command dont actually work with instant spells like lothar's invisibility and razor's nuke

though this waypoint is cool

Anonymous said...

question, how can i cancel shift command when i'm channeling something..e.g: I am ES , I tp to mid tower where many enemies are trying to destroy that tower, so I tp+shift ulti, but suddenly they back up, so I cancel it by "s" button but that would cancel my how?

Anonymous said...

just move so the tp would be cancelled

Anonymous said...

wat the max count for waypoint command

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