Garena DotA Ladder Season 2 starts!

Garena DotA Ladder Season II is officially started today with all the rankings and statistics back from the start. The chance is equal to everyone. Season II will start from today, Jan 20th 2009 until April 20th, 2009. This time the award has been increased to the following:

• Rank 1 - 45,000 EXP •
• Rank 2 - 25,000 EXP
• Rank 3 - 15,000 EXP •
• Rank 4 to 10 - 8,000 EXP •
• Rank 11 to 50 - 5,000 EXP •
• Rank 51 to 100 - 3,000 EXP •

The dota ladder has also been updated to support the latest 6.58b.

Meanwhile, season I winners are identified. Please check out the winners in Ladder Hall of Fame!
Please note that Season I prizes will be given by the end of Jan 23rd.

Get ready and compete with over 1 million DotA Ladder participants in season II! Good luck to all gamers!

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Anonymous said...

Nice hack!!

1st blood XD

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