Playing Cloud Strife on Dota-Allstars 6.57b AI Map

Cloud Strife is joined the Dota-Allstars hero list? Wow, what makes IceFrog change his mind? But no, it's BuffMePlz with his Dota 6.57b AI Incremental Map that include Cloud and several custom heroes on his map. That's why BMP didn't post this map on Dota-Allstars forums, because there's so many new things he add, including new items (i call it tier 5 Dota items) and a lot of new heroes.

Final Fantasy on Dota-Allstars

You can choose a lot of heroes now from the fun tavern. Including characters from Final Fantasy, Starcraft and more.

Dota-Allstars Special Items
Check the requirement for the items, it's really expensive. I think it deserve to called tier 5 items.

Here is the more details on fun tavern heroes i got from Overflow

1) Final Fantasy (Cloud Strife, Templar, Beowulf's Spellblade, Dragonkin Reis, Cleric)
2) Beowulf (Templar's name refers to an old English heroic poem, also a movie)
3) Star Trek (Ensign Ricky, Terran)
4) Starcraft (Koprulu Sector, Terran)
5) Heroes of Might and Magic (Cleric, Nighon, Erathia, Loynis)
6) Puff the Magic Dragon (an old song, the hero's description is the starting lyrics except for the eating part xD)
7) Boomerwang (possible movie reference)
8) Petey the Penguin

Interesting? Check the Dota 6.57b AIplus 20081215 for the download link. Lot of new things ready to entertain you while waiting for Dota 6.58 :)

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Anonymous said...

stolen content. taken from somewhere and claiming as your own. you fail at life, man.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i hope sun wukong would also be present in dota.. :(

Anonymous said...

it's from the CN version map

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