eHome wins decimated Fnatic

Three days after winning WGT, eHome emerged as champions of GOA..


Just three days ago, eHome won WGT Global Finals in China after defeating the local team PV. Everybody thought that this would have been eHome's last achievement for 2008. However, announced today that eHome has again came out on top and this time in Glory of the Ancients (GOA).

The Chinese team arrived in the grand finals riding an easy bike along the winner brackets while their opponent Fnatic reaches the Grand Finals via the loser brackets. In the game, Fnatic started out their drafts with some highly unorthodox picks such as Pandaren Brewmaster, Treant Protector and Death Prophet. eHome on the other hand were not trying anything funny against the top Indonesian team.

Over a series of twist and turn, Fnatic's new strategy proved to be unworthy of the championship title. Besides that, Fnatic was using a new member for the game, Indonesia Bro-KoLi as a stand-in for their former leader Melen. However, it is still unknown whether KoLi will be a permanent member for Fnatic. Therefore, eHome will be going back with the title this time.

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