MYM tops World Rankings again

Dust-Off World Rankings last update of 2008 with MYM topping the charts once again.

The new Dust-Off World Rankings chart has been released as we head towards an eventless year-end. The purpose of Dust-Off World Rankings is to create a system to measure team performance over a long period of time. Teams that have competed in a live (LAN) tournament is given a ranking in the World Rankings.

1thMYMH4nn1, Merlini, Fear, Maelk, Mania-1650
2ndSKKwoM, Loda, Snow, toMpa, Hailo-1300
3theHome820, 357, Snoy, dclxjdc, GK+31150
4thZenith( Inactive )-11000
5thEGWhisper, King, Hitomi, Remstar, Kaiser-1850
6thKsYamateh, Papaxiong, hyhy, Bouncy, Dk-Mag3, Sakura-1800
7thFnaticBahamut, Ritter, Melen, Lakuci, KoalaNEW750
8thVirtus.Pro( Inactive )-2500
9thKs.intJolie, Gunz, Puppey-1375
10thCantLongdd, Nekomata, Burning, thah, everNEW300

MYM.DotA at Dreamhack Winter 2008

In summary, Internationa- MYM managed to maintain their top spot position in front of SK Gaming after emerging as champions of Dreamhack Winter 2 weeks ago. In this last update of Dust-Off World Rankings 2008, the emergence of a few Asian teams are most notable as Fnatic and Cant enters the top 10 with their splendid performance in MGC and SMM. Besides that, eHome's strong performance, topping SMM 2 weeks ago increased their rank by a total of 3, taking the 3rd spot behind SK.

The events that are included in the rankings are:
1. WCG Asia 2007 (C Event)
2. Fire in Ice 2007 (B Event)
3. ASUS Spring Cup 2008 (B Event)
4. Dreamhack Summer 2008 (B Event)
5. ESWC Masters of France 2008 (B Event)
6. WCG Asia 2008 (B Event)
7. ESWC Grand Finals 2008 (A Event)
8. MGC (B Event)
9. WGT Indonesia (C Event)
10. WGT Singapore (C Event)
11. Asus Autumn Open 2008 (C Event)
12. SMM (B Event)
13. Dreamhack Winter 2008 (B Event)

How does event ranking work?

Events are separated into 3 different criteria

Event A : An international event including players from all three major regions (Americas, Asian/Pacific, and Europe) on par with a “World Championship” event (e.g. ESWC, WCG). Points awarded will be as follows: 1st 1000, 2nd 750, 3rd 500, 4th 250, 5/6th 100, 7/8th 50, 9th-16th 25 Points.

Event B : An event with international representation from two or three of the major regions, but limited participation due to worldwide format constraints or open registration (e.g. Fire & Ice, Dreamhack): 1st 500, 2nd 250, 3rd 100, 4th 50, 5th-8th 25.

Event C : An event with strong regional participation, but lack significant presence from outside regions. (e.g. ECG, Pan-Am Games, Pan-Asia Games): 1st 150, 2nd 75, 3rd 25.

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