WCG 2009 without DotA

WCG 2009 will be excluding DotA once again. Will the the rise of the community be sufficient to change the hearts of WCG?

The WCG, World Cyber Games, is no doubt the biggest eSports event in the world. Minutes ago, moderators and admins behind WCG have announced the event venue for WCG 2009 and it will be situated in the beautiful city of Chengdu, China. This event will include most of the competitive games such as Warcraft, Counter Strike, and the upcoming Starcraft 2.

However, after years of growth and constant development, Defence of the Ancients will again not be seeing the light for this event. This revelation is disappointing to millions of DotA fans all around the world as they lay in question about the individuals behind WCG.

WCG 2009 poll, without DotA.

As it is important for WCG to display advertisements for their sponsors in order to be financially supported for the cash prizes and event booking, the DotA community, us, can do our part for a bigger growth and thus, sustaining the future potential for the game that we love.

You can do it by clicking on the following link to send an e-mail to WCG regarding your ideas and show them OUR gigantic DotA community.

This is your moment. Click away and bring DotA into WCG 2009. If DotA receives a recognition in the upcoming WCG, you have yourself to congratulate as you have become a part of the history!

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