Gift Box from Garena - The Best Gift Ever!

It's that time of the year when everybody starts to write their long wish-list and hang the many red stockings along the chimney in hope to get something special from Santa Claus on Christmas. But Santa has grown older and no longer can travel far and hop around from one roof to another to deliver all these presents. Christmas must go on.

You deserve a gift! Get a special gift from Garena - Xmas GiftBox
And it will cost you only 2 Shells for the delivery fee, everything else is FREE!

The special Xmas Giftbox will randomly generate items including:
-> Gold Membership
-> DotA Ladder Items
-> plus the MAGICAL LETTERS!

Collect and form the phrase - MERRY XMAS
and WIN BIG!
-> Instant One (1) full Level Up !
-> Life long Gold Membership !
-> Instant +50% Credit Gain on all wins of DotA Ladder Matches for one (1) month.

If you have collected all the letters, select one letter and click on "Use" for system to verify and if valid, you will be awarded with these luxury awards!

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