Garena Song by Ulaanaa

How does Garena change the millions' players' lives in the whole world? Have you already been involved into the "Garena - arena the newest innovation"? Actually only our users have the answer! only you, every Garena player can show us the facts! We are connecting world gamers, we are by gamers, for gamers!

One of our brilliant users - Ulaanaa(Dota-Nevermore), made an original song for Garena. No more words, let's just enjoy the song!

For Garena, For All Garena Users!


Garena arena the newest innovation
GG client reformed a brand new creation
My friends the end is never at the bottom
My GG shells I recently just sold them
CS is the game that you play with a gun
No matter the outcome we always having fun
Defense of the Ancients all those heroes
How many kills man all those zeroes
I got to change my name use my laptop
Buy my luxuries find them at the G shop
Just a single game I'm getting many kills
I also keep happy as long as I have my shells
When I log in my friends always trace me
I'm a good host that's why they chase me
No lag no hassle my always dear Garena
When I'm finished playing I'll do the Macarena
We love to play
We love Dota
This is what we say
We love Garena
Second verse just like a second round
Don't flame don't blame don't even make a sound
Everyone is special you cannot be me
Yes I'm famous watch me on Garena TV
No hackers man sure you'll get busted
Maybe play me and get your level adjusted
L A D D E R climbing stairs man
G A R E N A my favorite place man
I'm a high level player it's not insanity
Represent my country that's diversity
The flag of my country my pic my name
Fame doesn't matter 'cause I love this game
We make mistakes don't call them losers
Everybody's contribution all the users
Let's go out there and change what's brand new
Everyone who helps will receive a thank you
What happened man
What happened man
You just quit
A leaver damn
Not my fault man
Quit by default man
For god's sake man
Just go remake man

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