Kode5 Launches Kode5 DotA Edition QPad (Mouse Pad)

The KODE5 DotA Challenge invites DotA gamers from all over the world to compete for a bevy of cash and prizes. So far, thousands of DotA gamers have showed their support by participating in the challenge. To celebrate the success of the KODE5 DotA Challenge and to thank the DotA community for their support, KODE5 and QPAD have teamed up with renowned DotA artist kunkka to bring forth the Collector Edition QPAD CT – the first performance mouse pad specifically designed for the DotA gamer.

The collector edition features the ubiquitous DotA load screen illustrated by kunkka. This powerful image depicts some of the many DotA heroes in the midst of an epic battle, and is a wonderful addition to any desktop.

"DotA is about the epic battles of over 90 awesome and unique characters. Therefore I chose to portray the essence of a DotA game in this illustration, featuring a dramatic 5v5 battle between these heroes. I'm very happy that KODE5 and QPAD gave me this opportunity to have my art featured on the mouse pad and be part of the DotA community. It's great to be part of this collaboration!" says artist Kendrick “kunkka” Lim.

“We began the KODE5 DotA Challenge just this season, and now the community has really shown us their support by coming online and participating in droves,” says KODE5 Revolutionary-in-Command Lester Lau. “The KODE5 DotA Edition QPAD CT is our way of showing our gratitude for a community that has accepted us and supported us so immensely. I hope they will love it!”

The KODE5 DotA Edition QPAD CT is engineered with QPAD’s proprietary Hybratek™ coating that ensures that the mouse registers even the smallest movement, while offering a smooth and controlled glide with an optimal level of friction. Beautifully illustrated with a proven design, the KODE5 DotA Edition QPAD CT is the mouse pad DotA fans have been waiting for.

“We at QPAD feel privileged and honored that we have been given the opportunity of making an exclusive collector’s edition CT together with an as talented artist as kunkka truly is. We are confident that the DotA community will embrace it with open arms,” notes Peter Rasmussen, QPAD Product Marketing Manager.

A total of 1000 of these mouse pads will be made available. The KODE5 DotA Edition QPAD CT is available now worldwide at the following link: http://qpad.kode5.com

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