Dota-Allstars 6.57b AI +1.52 .w3x Download

DotA bots for free map Dota 6.57b AI+ - DotA Allstars v6.57b AI Plus 1.52 Update news from BuffMePlz, i will update if there are any release from BMP. if you want play with Lastest dota AI, it is DotA 6.56 AI 1.52 revison 2 just click the link to download the DotA 6.56 AI 1.52 revison 2 . Or if you want play with old dota ai maps? here is all old dota maps info.

Update New on 12 Nov 2008

DotA 6.57 seems straightforward enough. Looks like I might have to manually redo all the regions again, which is pain, but not difficult.

Okay. Thanks guys, I'll see if I can have something up as soon as tomorrow.

Also, an update on that command line thing: you'll note that long commands only fail with 10 players (works fine with 9). It seems to be hanging on the Scoreboard generation routine, which you can see when you try to input a long command with 10 players. The scoreboard will appear in the upper right corner (says "DotA Allstars", regardless of the mode), and if you open it, you'll see it's only half done. There's probably a loop that keeps running and stops the script from proceeding, which halts the system from detecting the specified game modes. I need to look at it more (I only glanced briefly at it last night before going to bed).

Also, fixed KOTL learning attribute bonuses and Crystal Maiden now learns Brilliance Aura after Frost Nova and Frostbite (instead of at levels 22-25).
Great New From BMP :D

The Lastest Ai now is DotA 6.56 AI Rev 2

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