Mouz|Away leaves mouz

As you may already have heard and noticed, another mouz is gone. This time it`s Sweden mouz|Away, and the reason for his depature is that he didn`t enjoy it anymore, especially after the loss in the ENADC`s II final match yesterday. And as a final result he decided to leave the Germany mousesports team.

It has certainly been a rough and maybe a historical week for the competitive DotA scene, and especially Germany mousesports. Let us remind you that it`s not more than a week ago where the former mouz member Sweden CAT left followed by the former team captain Sweden Drayich and now Sweden Away.

Now since the team is short on players, and some of you might think that they won`t be attending to the DreamHack event, Sweden Mouz|Twisted have already included Estonia Ks^Puppey into the dreamhack lineup.

Interview with Mouz|Twisted (team captain):-

How do you feel about another player leaving the team?

Im sad of course, but who knows, if away felt like he did im sure it was for the best.

Two players have left the team and one have gone inactive, do you think this may be the end of mouz.dota?

Nah i dont think so, we got the support of mouz and we got some of the best players in the world still playing in the team.

Will this drop affect your results?

Yea of course it will, we are just four atm, dont think we can handle all the top teams 4v5!

As you`re only four players in the clan left, you`ll have to invite a new one, do you have an idea of who you`re going ask next?

We are still discussing about that. But of course player/s will be added in the near future.

Germany mousesports roster:

Sweden mouz|Twisted (Captain)
Sweden mouz|ReageN (Manager)
Sweden mouz|Miracle-
Germany mouz|LevenT
Germany mouz|Kuroky

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