The Best of DotA Arts & Fan Fiction: Round II

WarCraft III-Dota All stars by hamex

Sven, Rastha and silencer. by Vereador

Felguard by Fenner

War Craft III - Fanart by FLP-Lopes

DOTA shadow shaman rhasta by DXSinfinite

Razor the Storm Seeker by Nvek

Mogul Kahn the Axe by Constrictorz

Dota crystal by VonTalavang

Lightning Revenant by

Lina Inverse by hirayagi-ellery

Lanaya by lexiys

Mirana Nightshade by JenniElfi

Dota yurnero actualizado by VonTalavang

Lina Inverse elicoronel16

Luna MoonFang by NaaN-AnA

Roshan, Cheese-Loving Immortal by TrueBenJ

Crystal Maiden by NogYung

potm by gargouille

es by gargouille

Rikimaru by is6ca

Demon Hunter by artfreakguy

dota pudge by kokecit

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Mikita said...

this is the best!!!!! website.... perfect

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Anonymous said...

Guys U ROCK !!!!!
Get us some more...

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