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miniDota, Mini Version of Dota-Allstars download. Have you ever heard it before? I just read the forums today and see a thread about this miniDota ^__^ Well, if you played Dota-Allstars before, you must be already familiar with this map game-play. The major different is on the map size and hero choice. Curious? Here is the complete information about this map :)

miniDotA is designed and intended as a small simulation of the DotA Allstars game. The map is made available in two variants, a closed one containing 22 heroes (including 7 custom heroes and 15 from the original DotA, with kind permission from IceFrog), and an open, editable map containing only the 7 custom heroes. The closed map can be used for small DotA-esque games with 2 to 6 players. Since the playable map area is much smaller than DotA proper it is very action intensive as heroes are constantly near each other. The open map is made available for two purposes: those that are keen to learn how to make a map like DotA, and those that would like to implement their hero/item ideas into a playable map. (In principle this also allows balance-testing of hero ideas under realistic conditions.)

* 15 DotA heroes. Only non-complex heroes were implemented which were approved of by IceFrog. These heroes are: (Sven) Rogueknight, Slithereen Guard, Troll Warlord, Lightning Revenant, Dragon Knight, Death Prophet, (Lina) Slayer, Queen of Pain, Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, Omniknight, Bone Fletcher, Bounty Hunter, N'aix (old variant), Dwarven Sniper.
* 7 custom heroes. Several original ideas were implemented, some of these are somewhat exotic and as such are not necessarily suitable for DotA (but they do fit in here well enough). The heroes are described in detail further down. To summarise: Child of Loki, Helix, Manifestation, Mindflayer, Pandaren Lifeshaper, Ivory Retainer, Gorelord.
* Miniature DotA map. A very small version of DotA, including most elements typical to DotA: Creep waves, towers, items (with recipes), forest shops.
* Continous Player-vs-Player battles. Since the map is very small heroes face each other constantly. The map isn't big enough to support heroes running off into forests and farming neutral creeps.
* Random taverns. Each team possesses one tavern that is randomly filled with heroes from the available set of heroes. The algorithm is implemented to allow for any number of heroes to be randomly and evenly assigned to the available tavern space, thus 2 or 200 potential heroes would be distributed randomly and evenly into the 22 available spaces in the two taverns.
You can try and download this map from several mirrors:
miniDota v1.02b (my mirror)
miniDota v1.02b (miniDota mirror)

You can also see the miniDota official site:

Well, maybe this map can be a help if you have short time but still want play one or two games :) Cheers!

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Well, yet another fully copy paste article from my blog.. Please give a back link to the original source if you take an article completely. For your info, my Dota Blog is now under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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