MGC 2008: Make Game Colorful 2008 DotA International Tournament (Update Day 1)

Six teams are going to fight for the title in the DotA-tournament. Along with three Chinese teams three international teams have been elected to compete in the tournament. Besides the teams of MYM and SK got elected but won't participate - replacements haven't been announced yet.Held at the Optic Valley Plaza in Wuhan, China, the venue has also played host to several other events like Road of the King, as well as the WSVG.

While the official dates for this event is tentatively scheduled from the 24th till 27th of October, the Chinese online qualifiers took place from 6th to 15th of October.Update: The only replacement in the DotA tournament is the Indonesian team Indonesia fnatic - overall 7 teams will participate in the Make Games Colorful 2008 tournament.

Make sure your map on C:/Program Files/Warcraft III/Maps/MGC2008, and the map is dota allstars 6.53 you can download here and Warcraft 3 Version is 1.22.
Winner Bracket:

Round 1
Fnatic vs Colorful : Replay
Ehome vs Cant: Replay vs SMTH: Replay
Obot vs CT: Replay

Round 2 vs oBoT: Replay
Cant vs Colorful: Replay

Loser Bracket:

Round 1
Fnatic vs Ehome: Replay
SMTH vs CT: Replay

Picture day 1

Stay Tune for update replay and Picture..:D

Source: myMYM

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