Garena DotA-Allstars Ladder Season 1

DotA Ladder Season 1 will last for 3 months starting from October 16, 2008 until January 15, 2009, the Top 100 players in the season standings can win as high as 30,000 EXP! Plus, we will be having special rankings for countries with high ladder participation, providing gamers the right to compete for the title to be their nation’s best! Check them out at

Congratulations to the Beta Season Hall of Famers!

It’s a whole new race in DotA Ladder season 1, with all the rankings and statistics back from the start, everyone has got the chance to win! Ready… Get set… Play!

Prizes to be won for the Top players of Season 1:

Rank 1 - 30,000 EXP
Rank 2 - 15,000 EXP
Rank 3 - 9,000 EXP
Rank 4 to 10 - 4,500 EXP
Rank 11 to 50 - 3,000 EXP
Rank 51 to 100 - 1,500 EXP

Good luck and have fun!

NOTE: 6.54 is NOT supported in Garena DotA Ladder. 6.55b and 6.56 will be supported in next client update.

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