DotA Hero Strategy Guide: Alleria, the Windrunner

Windrunner and Admiral Proudmoore are two newly added balanced heroes to the inventory of sentinel with some good damaging and ganking abilities, Read Alleria Windrunner guide below with professional DotA-Allstars players replays.

Hero Abilities


Alleria fires an enchanted arrow using wind magic that binds the target to an enemy unit or tree behind it.

Level 1 - 1.4 seconds shackle
Level 2 - 2.1 seconds shackle
Level 3 - 2.8 seconds shackle
Level 4 - 3.5 seconds shackle

Cooldown: 14
Manacost: 90/100/110/120

Level 1: 90 mana, 14 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 100 mana, 14 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 110 mana, 14 sec cooldown.
Level 4: 120 mana, 14 sec cooldown.


Windrunner winds up her bow for up to 1 second to perform a single powerful shot. The arrow travels 1700 distance, dealing damage and destroying trees in its path. The damaged dealt is greatest to the first target it hits and is reduced by 10% with each other it passes through.

Level 1 - 120 initial damage.
Level 2 - 200 initial damage.
Level 3 - 280 initial damage.
Level 4 - 360 initial damage.

Cooldown: 12
Manacost: 90/100/110/120

Level 1: 90 mana, 12 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 100 mana, 12 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 110 mana, 12 sec cooldown.
Level 4: 120 mana, 12 sec cooldown.


Imbues her body with the essence of wind, increasing her movement speed by 50% and giving her the ability to evade all physical attacks for a short period of time. Additionally, the gusts of wind around her impairs the movement of nearby enemies, slowing their movement speed in a 300 AoE around her.

Level 1 - 8% slow, lasts 2.75 seconds.
Level 2 - 16% slow, lasts 3.5 seconds.
Level 3 - 24% slow, lasts 4.25 seconds.
Level 4 - 30% slow, lasts 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 65/50/35/20
Manacost: 100

Level 1: 100 mana, 65 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 100 mana, 50 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 100 mana, 35 sec cooldown.
Level 4: 100 mana, 20 sec cooldown.

Focus Fire

Alleria channels wind throughout her body to surge an excess of adrenaline, giving her maximum attack speed on one target for 10 attacks. Damage is reduced in this state.

Level 1 - 50% reduced damage.
Level 2 - 40% reduced damage.
Level 3 - 30% reduced damage.

Cooldown: 60
Manacost: 200/300/400

Level 1: 200 mana, 60 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 300 mana, 60 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 400 mana, 60 sec cooldown.

Skill Build

1 Power Shot
2 Windrunner
3 Power Shot
4 Shackle Shot
5 Power Shot
6 Shackle Shot
7 Power Shot
8 Shackle Shot
9 Shackle Shot
10 Focus Fire
11 Focus Fire
12 Windrunner
13 Windrunner
14 Windrunner
15 Stats
16 Focus Fire
17-25 Stats

As Alleria has very low base hp and lacks farming skills even though she is a mediocre last hitter, maxing Powershot would be your best option. It gives you a nice 380 nuke with a small aoe. I would suggest at least 1 level of Windrunner for more early-game survivability. Maxing this out is not needed at early levels.

Since Alleria has very low base hp, getting stats afterwards won't harm you especially when playing versus heavy nukers like lich. Shackleshot is your disable and needs maxing out as well to form a serious threat, but be careful when playing versus a nasty combo or nukers. It would be Shackleshot/Stats depending on the situation.

Getting the Focus Fire ultimate at level 6 is also not a must-have, as she lacks good damage early game and even though you have maximum attack speed you won't do much damage with 50% reduced damage. Depending on your farm, I would get it at levels 10-11 or even later. If you're not having any problems early game get it and try to shackle your opponents to nearby trees within tower range, Ultimate them and finish them off with powershot.

Item Build

Starting Items

I recommend to let someone else get a courier, because you are very item dependent and need every penny. Besides some tangos I vary whether to get Boots or Circlets/Branches first, since maximum movement speed will make you survive, but Stats will keep you in the lane. It plays no major role however.

Full Item Build

Boots of Speed and two or three Null Talismans will be all you need to keep you in early to mid game. After getting these I would recommend rushing Lothar's Edge, since it gives you damage output, attack speed, and what you need most in this point of game: a very powerful escape skill. Lothar's Edge is no longer an agility item, so you do not pay for anything you do not need. Get Crystalis after Lothar's Edge to boost your damage for a relatively low price. The critical attacks synergize perfectly with Focus Fire. Power Treads (Intelligence) are the next item, mainly for attack speed to not be too dependent on Focus Fire. Boots of Travel are, in my opinion, just a waste, because you do not benefit of the movement speed bonus (you are not called Windrunner without reason), and Phase Boots look good; cheap, boosting damage and survivability with its armor, but do not work well with Windrunner, and therefore are not recommended. As last item, finish Buriza to become a powerful damage dealer.

Luxury/optional Items

Helm of the Dominator greatly increases your survivability and usually is the first thing I get after completing my item build (sometimes even before finishing Buriza, depending on the situation). The problem for all damage dealers is being disabled, so if you are suffering from that you should consider Black King Bar. However, I only get it when facing multiple mass stunners, since you have nothing disabling or gruesomely fearful, so you have a good chance of not being focused first. If your team needs silence, Orchid is a good alternative for Buriza, since you get all benefits out of the intelligence boost. However, you do not need speed bost badly and crits are better in my humble opinion. Decide for yourself.


Early game
You are playing a character that is extremely weak in early game (can be compared to heros like Faceless Void, or Phantom Assassin), so play defensively and focus on farming, not killing. You are a lategame killer, so be sure to reach it equipped. Jungling is an option using creep pulling strategies (you are not able to jungle on your own) since you can use Power Shot to clear trees (be aware that hit creeps will not run to you like using Beastmaster's axes). You can escape ganks easily by Windrunner, but always assure that you have an escape path.

Mid Game
Your time has not come yet. Assist your team in ganks with Focus Fire and use Power Shot to clear your team's view if the enemy tries to hide in the forest. With Windrunner and Lothar's Edge you can scout for your team. Be aware of Sentry Wards and most of all, do not forget to farm your equipment.

Late Game
If the game reaches late game, you are finally a real threat for your opposing team. You can assist pushes by clearing creep waves with Power Shot (aiming at the ranged creeps usually makes you hit the most targets), use Focus Fire to deal massive damage in team battles and use Windrunner to chase fleeing enemies on low health. Since Windrunner's cooldown is rather low, you can turn it on if focused in team battles, too, not taking physical damage for six seconds (this is a free Omniknight's ultimate!). Do not get too cocky though; if you draw too much attention stunners and nukers will tear you down pretty easily.


Alleria is a semi-carry which means you should combine the farming to the ganking and supportive play style. Being the only carry would be a big mistake as she is way too dependent on her farm. The best way to play her would be farming through early game to get that disable going and start ganking afterwards while not forgetting to farm. Try to sneak up on people, shackle them - hex them and try to finish them off with your teammates. The Powershot and Windrunner are perfect to prevent enemies from fog-escaping.

From the games I've played Alleria feels mediocre and is not as strong as the Admiral. She is very dependent on farming and is not the easiest to play. Playing her is much fun so she is definately worth the addition and the welcome to DotA.

Replays :

- SK.Loda with Windrunner
Loda makes good use of his Powershot to farm, and goes for an Orchid - Boots of Travel - Monkey King Bar - Eye of Skadi - Buriza? build. Thanks to CaTeTo for the tip.
- Windrunner 15-0
- Nice arrows with Windrunner

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Anonymous said...

Dude, i kinda doubt that alleria is weak in early game her powershot is really painful early game it would be a great haras for any type of hero due to it's distance

Anonymous said...

Hi there, nice guide. But imo there are some mistakes. Windrunner is a very powerful char, in early and mid game.
Powerful Shot hurts so badly in the first minutes of a game. Perhaps Ench's Impetus is the only spell which got more destructive force.
Also the item build i would prefer another way:
1. get 3x Tango, 2 Manapotions & 1 circlet
with this u should be able to get First Blood in mid solo against every char..when the other player is a bit nuby ^^
After this get 2x Null Talisman, 1x Braclet ( the str is needed for more hp ) and 1x Movement Speed.
After this get Phase Boots, Crystalis, Helm of Dominator, Cranium Basher ( 10% stun chance on ranged attack...greatly stacks in Focus Fire ), then Buriza, satanic

Even befor u reach the satanic the game should be over. Imo Lothars is senseless for Windrunner, because there is no need for invi. Windrun is such a imba fight opening and fight escape spell.

Hf =)

Teardrop_DX said...

Windrunner is by far my most favorite hero...
im usually getting 8ish kills in the first 20 minutes.
my setup- start tango + 1 clarity...
-> RoH -> pers -> treads -> lothars and now you're ready to go ganking... usually can achieve this in 13 minutes.
then at the end of the 20 minutes my build:
Treads, Perserverance, Lothars, Helm of Dominator/ Diffusal Blade...

... if you haven't figured out by now, im use her soley for her ult.
Lothars, shackle, ult... ult... ult... usually they die after the 4 seconds are over. if not, arrow ;)
I've tried a dagon in this build, its too slow, i wouldn't be able to get the 3k in time for the damage to help when i could achieve it longer in ~2 more seconds.

My endgame build after this hits
BoT -> Linkin's -> Satanic -> Buriza -> Monkey King Bar... 6th empty slot cuz games never usually last that long >_<

Anonymous said...

I've been playing Windrunner as early game harasser, mid game tower taker and disabler, and late game disabler/tower taker/damage dealer.

Start with Null and Tango. I just Powershot enemy heroes, which brings down their lives pretty quick. Two of them could bring a hero down to under half life. Maxing out Powershot early is great. Once I get 900 gold I usually run and grab a void stone to keep my Powershots going strong. Then I go back when I have enough for complete treads and go either Int for damage or Str for survivability.

Next, grab a Mystic Staff or Ult Orb and finish Guinsoo while farming and harassing. By this point Powershot isn't as great anymore, but still comes in handy for last shotting runners due to it's super long distance. Mana shouldn't be a problem at all, so I spam Shackle and Powershot. Windrunner is useful for getting from point A to point B as well. Ult any towers you get close to, but have Windrunner ready to zip out of there.

Late game, I go for Orchid for the extra damage and speed, and just go from there. Powershot becomes weak by this point, so I just use it to farm and slowly lower hp from far away. Ult works super well on Rosh too if you've got a tank.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt deso be a better option instead of Hotd?

Anonymous said...

my first items are 2 mantels of int (150) gold each dunno names of it exactly... 1 circlet and
a salve.. next item in has all u need... reg, atk, int, speed...then basher for more dmg and very useful stun.. next is helm of dominator and crystalyst restis clearly i think
i hope i didnt forgot anything

Anonymous said...

Ive never played her,but isnt basher good with her,too?
Basher+Ulti=Permabash :D

Anonymous said...

ol nice opinions...
She is a killer and a runner >_<
Well in my opinion since I love all quick hasty caracters.. Slada, Chaos Knight, Balanar, BldSker etc..
For Windy... get a Null and tango.. then keep the distance..
i usually upgrade windrun first cuz she is weak get runes and run ..double damage rocks... no escape..
first bld!! charge huahuahuau and haste also.. hit hit hit windrun.. pretty worth it especially in 5vs5 with bot or tp support.. trust me get windrun first her speed is 295 in the beginning too slow.. can be easily killed by slada antimage etc since they are faster..
and then get lvl 2 powershots and nuke them or chase them but always at least have 150 mana or 100 to escape... windrun I LOVE THIS SKILL
then get lvl 1 shacle shot to bug ur enemies.. saving ur allies distract them since u have skill to run in early games..
okay so at lvl 7
u got 1 shack 2 windrun 4 powershot
windrun 1
power 1
power 1
shack 1
power 1
power 1
o ya for powershots dont try not to use it at lvl 1 its use less ..
just use it if u got full mana..
and get a void or ring of health if u are far from the secret seller dude.. or against bld axe enigma huska or hevy nukers in the beginning..
and using powershot to make tracks also..
after lvl 7 u probably have boot null ring of health or void tp.. if u failed to kill anyone.. in the beginning...
and get another null.. and start helping ur teammates defending and saving their asses.. or chasing enimies i prefer killing them quikly and runaway...
finish perseverence..
and helm of dominator..

Anonymous said...

i agree with someone up there^^

Desolator is a MUST since it takes away much of the disadvantage of the reduced damage of ultimate(focus), and makes killing creeps a breeze...

WindAngel said...

Well actually I believe in a slightly different build.

Early Game - If you pick her, then 1 mantel + 1 circlet + 3 salves + 1 tango. Later u should farm up to either a quarterstaff or up to a quarterstaff + claymore. Great team with centaur warchief if he is smart and can pull off a perfect stun on enemies on the lane.

Mid Game - Getting lothars is very important. Why? Because Wind Runner is super vulnerable to stunners. Once they have a stun on you, even windrunner can't get you out of that. People aim to gank you, so you should by now already have boots. By level 8-10 you should have lothars. Windrunner level 1 is good enough until the end. As long as you have lothars you are safe. Start saving up for orchid. Godly for her. Use the skill as a silencer for the stunners and also getting a mask of death is a good investment as it keeps you in the lanes. If your team is the gankers you should have a bit more gold, and you should have the orchid. Next item. Aegemir's Scepter. You are probably thinking WTF IS THIS GUY THINKING. Im saying this. The only damage cut down by 50/40/30% will be your base damage. As a hero who is very item dependant, your base damage should be about 120 - 130 at level 25. that means u do about 100 damage per hit with no items with your ulti. Still pretty good. However if you have your ulti, and you do not have the scepter, you have about 350 damage * .3 = about 220 damage. Thats a huge ass cut. You have the scepter its 100+ 230 its a very large boost of 100 damage. Oh and try to get crits. =)

Late Game - By now if your team isn't super noob, and your good, you should be farming not off creeps, but off heros. Just don't go for the large groups of heros, just have fun with your arrow with a bit and with your shackles just to annoy them. Since you have Windrunner and also you have lothars you really have no reason to get caught. So if there is a single target hero, then aim for him/her. You can take him/her down most of the times. Exceptions are those such as silencer, and spectre. Spectre is your worst nightmare. She reflects your damage back to you, and she's a DPS/TANK. Try NOT to go take down spectre as she is impossible to kill alone, hell she's hard to kill even in a 5/1 gank. Remember if your after a stunner, you should ALWAYS use orchid on them before combat. Nothing is more annoying than a kill that you deserve which escapes by 5 hp or slightly more thanks to the 2-3 seconds u were standing there doing nothing. This hero is probably the only hero possible in normal dota to take down the well. Your probably thinking im insane, but with a good tank to tank for you, you just ulti away and whack the shit out of the well. Never tried, but based on the damage she gets, im believing she can. Having Lifesteal is insanely good for her, as she attacks insanely fast, so she always has decent hp. Even a MoD will give u about 35 hp per hit at level 25 with great items. Final items if possible with greedisgood 999999

Lothars Edge (replaced late game with a Burizah)
Power Treads (Int)
Guinsoo's scythe of verse
Orchid Malevolence

Enemies to avoid early game:
Tauren Chieftain
Bounty Hunter

Any nukers.

Enemies to avoid mid game:
Phantom Lancer and Assassin.
Still avoid those nukers
Avoid stunners

Enemies to avoid late game:
Spectre will kill you if its 1 v 1. Spectre is just a godly late game hero. If you ever play againced spectre with WR ALWAYS gank her in early/mid game she the weakest of all heros then.

Oh and avoid faceless void. Permastun much?

Anonymous said...

you people are noobish

Anonymous said...

get desolator.. no phase pls...

Anonymous said...

Uhm, well Windrunner isn't that vulnerable to stunners... Windrunner makes you faster and the opponents behind you slower... so there's a great chance of escaping.... the only threat for that is Slardar, Bloodseeker and heroes with blinks...

My first build is usually the nerub ring...perfect with armor, dmge and mana regen...and entangos.... it's good for first bood...^_^

My advice:

Get life steal
Shiva's Guard (frost)
phase/boots of travel
radiance/Ciurass and Butterfly/MKB and burize(depends with the heroes)

She's just a pretty balanced character....

Anonymous said...

You has been owned by the anonimous that posted at second here. Just stop trying to make guides.... Lothar's dude? lol

Anonymous said...

Why guys....windrunner don't need int so why make guindoo or aganim....just powertreads, crystalysis, basher is more than u need.....

Anonymous said...

just ring basilius and 9 tango..

Anonymous said...

i too agree with her being strong at early to mid-game... slightly lose effectiveness at late game but still a nice hero to choose....

Anonymous said...

LOL, just get 6 preservance.

Anonymous said...

Best way to start the game is 3 tango/ring of generation/and the +3int item ;) already tried nothing work better !!!

Veilor Ain said...

My dream build:

1. PT int
. Satanic
3. sheep stick
4. MKB
5. Buriza
6. Divine rapier (very, very optional)


Anonymous said...

u all noob..i use windrunner and can kill any hero in 1st and mid game..just use boot of speed(not upgrade yet) and orchid..u need to use powershot 4 weaking ur enemies..shot in 2 or 3 times and stunt,then use ulti..last powershot again..u'll get it!!!

Anonymous said...


Edgar said...

i use this oftentimes with windrunner on a 5v5 game match. And within these games we win. Here's my item build, hope it helps:
Early Game:
1. 2 circlets for the option u like if it's int/str
2. 2 tangos (6 in total) for healing
3. 1 branch for maximum use of gold and add stats
because on a 5v5 ull have an exact buy amount with these items on the start of the game.
Mid Game:
1. 2 bracers - (str) as iv said it's up to u if it's int/str type of circlets for ur wind. I use bracers so that my windrunner can withstand clashes longer with a good amount of life because of 2 bracers (i use these items with rylai too).
2. Boots of Speed - every hero needs this during mid game
3. Mitril Hammer - I use mitril for damage and also build maelstorm. Windrunner doesn't need lothar's edge because windrunner is fast enough to escape enemies during a clash.
4. perseverance - As Iv said, I value life/str type for an int type of hero because int types have low healths so perseverance assures ur hero is prepared for a clash before and after farming... this is also a preparation for Bloodstone.
Lvl 12 - 16:
1. 2 bracers
2. Boots of Speed - no need to buy treads/bot/phase at this time since windrunner's skill has a slow of 300AoE against enemies close at her. But if ur not satisfied with her speed, u can buy phase boots since it adds additional damage for ur hero and important on escapes too.
3. Complete the Bloodstone - The earlier u complete this the better. It adds life/mana of 1.5 regen per second x 2 for every kill and assist you make. So the earlier the better life regen u can gather. Once you have a high amount of charge with this one you will no longer need the bracer.
4. Maelstorm - instant money, damage and for push because of 150 damge of chain lightning.
5. Always bring Town Portal especially on a 5v5 game.
Lvl 16-20:
1. Keep bracers. U still need lots of health.
2. BOT - They say it's not nice for wind, but believe me, on a 5v5 game, it's not only about u but it's also about ur teammates and base. Transporting back to base for defense after u push a bunch of creeps would make ur teammates happy. U should always buy this on a 5v5 game instead of carrying the burden of buying Town Portal all of the time.
3. Keep Bloodstone. With or without charge.
4. Mjollnir - this will surprise ur enemy. Though u may not enjoy its stats component (+35 agi) but ul be glad with its static charge. With bloodstone and Mjollnir, ur int hero is sure fearless.
5. Prepare for Shiva - buy the Mystic Staff or Plate Mail first depends on you, how well u keep ur hero's gold.
Late Game (Lvl 20-25)
1. Sell bracers, you already have Shiva's Guard at this time as well as Bloodstone with lots of charges. Buy something that will add to ur damage. Coz Focus Fire Skill is 50% damage reduction in exchange for fast attack speed. My option: Buriza, MKB, Radiance, or Divine(beware of using Divine Rapier, coz' ur foes will focus their eyes on u so use this with precaution)
2. Use BOT to defend towers and Push against creeps on lanes. U can also use this as an escape if u feel that foes are close on you. U can sense this if u don't see any enemy heroes on the map and u are alone on a lane.
3. Keep Bloodstone until u become beyond GODLIKE.
4. Mjollnir - use it's static charge when foes are nearby.
5. Shiva's Guard - Use it to slow ur enemies whether during a clash or during an escape.
6. Last Item? It's up to you, but believe me ur teammates would be surprised if u buy a DAGON with a maximum level. An 800 damage Energy Burst is sure a kill steal.

Anonymous said...

alleria my fav..
i have been use alleria since 1st time play dota(2 month ago)
and i think she is great, not weak..
and i already start kill other hero on level 7th..

Anonymous said...

My friend gets malestrom for focus fire is this good item for her

Anonymous said...

alleria is my favorite character in DOTA.

Anonymous said...

how about use shiva plus hex ?

Anonymous said...

in first game,
just buy 1 courier farming until u get empty bottle,
use power shoot lvl.2 when u reach lvl.3, buy flying courier for mobile refill your empty bottle.
when your power shoot lvl.4 (u lvl 7) you can kill any hero with 3 or 4 power shot.
my dream item build,
1. pt (upgrade to travel boots)
2. life stealer (MoM upgrade to satanic)
3. orchid
4. buriza
5. aganim
6. guinzo

Anonymous said...

umgelegele lamboozi i-skadi, kaakhol lakam isinethembazi
i-MOM, olemgule ifani parafini aya wena ke sitchaba, umbeni siyabonga!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont know if u've heard about a DoTa pro in AUB as i got the 6th plae in the dota world championship in one of the matches i played windrunner against viper and i killed him so many times that he forfeited before the game actually ended all i got her was bloodstone, eye of skadi, mask of madness, Hot, butterfly, buriza he fuckin got 2 divine rapiers and he died so fast he got off as i got +500 damage easy just hit powershot 2 times at him then i attaked him with my mana pool so high i shackeled him and focusfire finished his life and some criticals with focusfire made his life so hard + couldn't escape from skadi the shackled him and windrunner put me in front of him then powershot ended his dream of killing me

Anonymous said...

my strategy, make at least one character into feed

RIP said...

I am used to using these items when i use windrunner

- helm of iron will > mask of dominator
- claymore > lothar's edge
- upgrade mask of dominator > satanic
- perseverance then soul booster > bloodstone
- anything that can raise your abilities like orchid of malevolence, buriza do kyanon, and boot of travel

First to do with these item is farming(with powershoot)and upgrade your skill when you level 15 or more do what you want like destroying enemy's bases or keep farming until you have all item that you want to attack directly to enemy's bases

But I used to use these items to win the battle not to kill enemy's heroes

Anonymous said...

basic build is..

>boots of travel
>perseverance/linken/refresher orb/blood stone :D
>cuirass just for fun :D

unstoppable combo....shackles + ulti = gg. or if he decides to get near you e.g. void jumping towards you click 3rd skill right away...if he traps you in his chrono while your 3rd skill is activated, it makes his ulti useless...he'd miss like hell. you'll see:D


then shackles + madness + ulti pound that asshole (remember you got refresher)=]

Anonymous said...

zzzz....wat a noob....think of more creative way to play this hero..

mad of madness,monkey king bar,BKB,butterfly,powertread and heart....


all those item works perectly on windrunner

MoM stack with her Ulti+mini stun by MKB...

BKB will stack with ur windrun skill when ur using ur ulti.....

who can beat tat build? tats combined with damaging and surviving build...tats the best build for windrunner for now(if no skill adjustment in upcoming new map)


Unknown said...

I think that Alleria has two different ways at her building. The first one is the intellingence way. And Allleria is also an intelligence char.
1. boots of tr.
2. satanic
3. shivas
4. skadi
5. linkens
6. maelstrom
The other one way is the agility way.
1. boots of tr.
2. satanic
3. desolator
4. buriza
5. mkb
6. butterfly
Also i think that for kill a hero needs dmg and atk speed. The atk speed is in her ulti, so if alleria got powerful dmg... she will kill too easy.

Anonymous said...

alleria is cool cud i buy it a cranium basher?

Anonymous said...

just get domi....

no more noob build after that.........

Anonymous said...

Have you guys tried basher on her and satanic, it is a pretty deadly combination. trust me :D

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

this guide is ok, but i dont agree with some things
1. in your skill build you take powershot, then windrunner...i kinda dont feel like i need powershot on hero lvl 1, its better to take it on lvl 2...
2. item build: lothars??? cmn bro no lothars... better take in early to mid game some circlets, nulls and tangoes, later you take Helm of dominator and phase boots
luxuries are in order : orchid, aghanims, curias, buriza and satanic... :P

Anonymous said...

u said that wr is very item dependant? wtf? u get phase boots, maelstorm and aganims and ur god!!!!! ofc courier at the begining for manapotions and tangos :D trust me, u can kill anyone

Anonymous said...

oh tnx...i love alleria so much...alleria is my best pick..hehehe

Anonymous said...

alleria is a nice hero so i will show you how i play her
First of all,early game build is : 3 tangos,2 clarity,cirle of nobility and ironwoods...
mid game : i usually play her as a dps so i go for hod,treads,bkb for no disables,buriza,the hod is going to be satanic...and at late game
i will be like this : treads(intelligence),satanic,bkb,mkb,buriza and HEX OR SILENCE
During the fight being avatar focus fire -> critical ,bkb=no disable,satanic if hp goes down and hex or silence in order to disable others...
damage+critical+avatar+focus fire= CHAOS
hf :)))

Anonymous said...

My build for 1v1 usually is Phase boots for early damage and go straight for Orchid for the early damage. Punctuate getting the items for the Malevolence with other stuff like Blades of Attack for the Crystalys, or the Mask of Death for life steal. Healing salves are essential early in the game.

Powershot should be maxed first but add at least one level of Shackle Shot and Windrunner for good measure.

You should be able to harass/push by midgame with guerilla tactics and spamming Powershot. You can harass another way by Power Shooting through creeps and toward heroes then running around and Shackling them to a tree just as your creeps pick off his creeps. This gives your creeps about 2 seconds to hit your enemy. He'll run and give you the lane until later.

Alleria can kill many heroes by level six. Especially Melee heroes. And heroes who don't have too many spells. If you're aiming for a hero kill at this level, find a clear shot and Powershot your enemy then Shackle him to a tree or creep. Unleash focus fire on his ass. If he tries to attack you, activate Windrunner but don't run. He can't hit you unless he uses skills. Windrunner doesn't cancel if you're stunned. Stunning skills aren't that effective if he can't hit you anyway. A well aimed powershot will still kill a running hero at this point. You'll be able to kill your enemy with a small amount of health remaining. Use a Healing salve and push the lane.

If you have a Crystalys, go for a Cranium Basher or an Aghanim's Scepter. I suggest Basher since it's slightly less expensive and you're fighting one on one anyway. But an Ultimate with a 15 second cooldown works wonders while pushing. So Basher for killing and for low on cash, Aghanim's for either.

Basher does not induce permastun but it does give you useful time where an escaping enemy CAN'T escape.

If you chose to finish a Basher instead of an Aghanim's, you can still forfeit the Aghanim's for a Buriza-do-Kyanon. Aghanim's can be last. Even if your opponent has disables, disable him first with the Orchid's ability. So Powershot from afar, or from the trees, Orchid's Soul Burn, Shackles and Focus Fire. By the time your enemy tries to escape, you'll have another Powershot ready. If your enemy is someone tough and still tries to attack you, activate windrunner and keep firing. Windruner cancels skills that are added to an attack like Burning Arrows, Cold Arrows, and Impetus.

Roshan can be fought by levels 11-15 if you have Crystalys and Basher and Lifesteal. Forget about the Powershot and Shackleshot. Activate Focus Fire immediately and then Windrunner just as he starts attacking. For the next five seconds, laugh at him as he deals 0 damage. Note, in the new maps, Focus Fire lasts for about 45 seconds, not just ten attacks. If you have Aghanim's Scepter, you can activate another Focus Fire after the first one ends.

By midgame, you should be able to level gap your enemy about 3+ levels with this build.

Anonymous said...

first is bottle
linken after perse.
mkm !! rock
divine at late game !! GG

johndave sevilla said...

i like windrunner because when i use it iv`e kill 21 heroes and 0 death

Anonymous said...

linken, mekansm and you'll own the game xD

Anonymous said...

wew.. you don't need phase honestly just buy treads int.. :p lol

Anonymous said...

buy 6 boots of travels. Pr0mise u will be godlike

Anonymous said...

My favorite one,

1 - Mana boots --later--> Boots of travel
2 - Crystalis --later--> Burizo
3 - Perseverance --later--> Blood stone
4 - Cranium Basher

if possible, the last items
5 - Helm of dominator
6 - Monkey king bar

Depending on situation, build an armor (vanguard, blade mail, or hood of defiance) on item n°3

Nice combo:
Cristalys (burizo) + Cranium + Shackle + Ulti_Focus fire

Anonymous said...

Mid Lane-Hmmm if the game obviously wont b consiting of Noobs then wind runner has one disadvantage is her animation before her pwer takes time and can b easily known by her (smart) opponent...hence easy to avoid.Therefore early game jus Farm for creeps using power shot.By lvl 6 upgrade 3 lvls of power shot 1 lvl of wind run and 2 lvls of shackle...ulti till lvl 11 after lvl 6 start your ganks an get kills..tht way u can keep ur opponents in check.Items initially-bottle(dats how i play)for runes and ganks after lvl 6 until i get powrthrds next and perseverence

Late game-The best item for wind runner Late game after kills wud b Linkins or hex,power threads,mkb,helm,manta (if way too many stunners or gankers) and finnaly get buriza...I c u owwwwwwwwwwwwn already:)

Anonymous said...

where d heck is my previous post damnit...???

Anonymous said...

dude wtf i wrote for such a long time an my post isn der.....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz....dis sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

dude the guide is great but I don't think lothars is needed for alleria....

Anonymous said...

guide or comments?? who should i trust..confusing 0.0

Anonymous said...

just add force staff in your inventory and you'll have the ultimate escape mechanism... lol

Anonymous said...

1. claws of attack first + sobi mask for early damage plus mana regen

2. go for phase boot since windrun wont be effective at early game since mana will be much consumed by powershot.

3. go for robe of magi for additional damage and quarterstaff for further damage + attack speed to finish with 1 oblivion staff. (go for another oblivion staff)
you could survive early game without going home back n fort (courier not necessary) since these items are very available at the secret shop. and conveniently no recipe. oblivion staff are so effective for early creeping. mana regen is good and additinal damage from qs and robe. i recomment ring of regen for early survival. after acquiring 2 oblivions, an ultimate orb is a piece of cake. use this fortify your stats and later finish with eye of skadi - very effective with focus fire. if the opponent flees, use the windrun and the pity opponent wont outrun you and if he does. use powershot to finish him.

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