Warcraft 3 Banlist 3.0 (WC3Banlist 3.0)

This program is created to make an effort at keeping your Warcraft III custom games (for example DotA) free of notorious leavers. Thereby it offers a local database (to which you can add people yourself) to alert you when a "leaver" joins your game or someone you've kept some information about.

The program can do this in various ways:

* Play a sound as soon as a leaver is detected, or banned
* Display a text in-game floating at the top of your screen
* Copy a text into the clipboard, so you can view the comment by pressing CTRL-V

Further features include:

* Synchronization with other people's banlists via the Banlist.nl Buddy Banlist System
* Integration of clans' banlists / safelists
* Showing the country of or ping to joined players or the host
* A real-time chat interface for Warcraft III using built-in stylesheets to match the Warcraft III-look or another look to your liking
* An anti-download option which enables you to have people who try to download the map (when hosting) auto-kicked
* Automatic slot-reservation for your friends and clanmates
* Automatically copying the game name if your friend joins a game

System Requirements

* Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 or Vista
* Warcraft III - Reign of Chaos (with or without Frozen Throne) by Blizzard Entertainment
* A network device compatible with WinPcap (Most USB devices will not work)

Changes from 2.82:

* extensive redesign of the interface:
o new snooping tab showing all facts about the game and their players
o slot reservations can be done without using commands
o completely revamped local database tab
o bans and infos have been supplemented with fields for date and time of the last change
o a new score database and rating interface (for private use only so far)
o a new game database, including management of screenshots and replays
o nice icons

* a first-run wizard (made by heftig) helps newbies to set up the elemental settings
* new commands for rating and capturing screenshots
* a NIC detector which helps to find the right network card for WinPCap
* $param variable for phrases and custom comments, allowing to place the additional text given behind the keyword when using a command
* friend list support (used for anti-download exceptions and reservations)


Remember that WC3Banlist won't work without WinPcap 3.1 or later!

The 32 bit version of WinPcap is included in the WC3Banlist installer. For x64 systems, you will have to download the latest 64 bit driver. This download will take you to the WinPcap download page.

- Download: WinPcap

- Download: WC3Banlist 3.0 (Direct)

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Jim said...

if i m not playing batlenet..but i m playing for otehr server.. hw can i use it?

Anonymous said...

does this work for garena?

Unknown said...

Lol ... how does this works ??

Unknown said...

i dont understand how to use this ..

Anonymous said...

what about an error regarding cannot find war3.exe ??

Anonymous said...

Not Found

The requested URL /files/WC3Banlist_3.0.exe was not found on this server.

Unknown said...

how to download banlist for dota ?

Unknown said...

how to download banlist for dota ?

Unknown said...

how to download banlist

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