Top Ten Reasons to play DotA

DotA (Defense of the Ancients) is basically a fun map which started as a fun custom game to break from standard Warcraft III play. It now no more a break but is pushing its way into competitive e-sports world. It is a stragetgy game based on hero combat and team play. Tought it is played on isometric 2-D platform of Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne, it inherits many features of role playing games. The player levels up their hero and uses gold to buy equipment in an effort to best the opposing team.

Now coming to the reasons why Dota rocks more than any other game:

Number 10

It is easy to learn game. You have to control only one hero who have only 4 different power. An advance level of game play requires other basic skills like last hitting(to collect gold), ganking(catching one enemy off guard and whacking him up), warding(placing wards on the map for vision). You are able to play it too although you don’t know english well and you don’t need to be so skillful in controlling your hero.

Number 9

There are about 80+ different heroes in the game and scores of strategies for each hero and again scores of strategies for a different combination of team, which makes it totally different game every time you play it. Every game last about 40-45 minutes in which you are able to level up to max level 25. To achieve same level in other RPG will take ages. You don’t need to farm like mad completing same quests over and over again to level up .. Also not to repeat the entire bore thing again if you want to play a different race or class of hero.

Number 8

The replays and live telecasts of the game on GGTV are worth watching and are really amusing. To fully enjoy the replays you need to be accustomed to the gameplay.

Numbet 7

Dota stresses too much on team play and no single person can be a Rambo. Needless to say develops really nice virtue of patience and team work and leadership. If you will say at time of your placements that you are a pro (experienced) Dota player they wont ask you anything about your team work skill.

Number 6

Dota can be played on free game servers like Bnet, Garena and Hamachi with people all over the world instead of banging your head with Dota maps AI on your computer.

Number 5

At competitive level Dota requires much more skill, coordination and innovation then any other game of the present day.

Number 4

It is the most played custom map of one of the most popular game series. Moreover system requirements are far less when compared to other RPGs , RTS or FPS.

Number 3

You will have new maps of dota every few months with new heros and items which will totally make your all own strategy to easily counterable strategy.

Number 2

There is lots of price money in Dota tournaments held regularly in International level and local pub levels. All you need to do is to master your team work and push your imagination beyond limits.

Number 1

Lots of hot chicks play Dota.^_^

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