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Zet Arc Warden Guide
Zet, the Arc Warden Guide & Strategy. Arc Warden is a Scourge (Dire) ranged agility hero which is based on the old model of Shadow Demon. It was introduced in DotA 6.75 along with Winter Wyvern. Zet is a carry hero with high DPS skills, he can create his own replica with abilities (like Geomancer).

Zet, Arc Warden Overview:

Gnoll Assassin
Affiliation: Scourge
Primary Attribute: Agility

Movement speed: 295
Starting Armor: 0

Attack Damage: 40-50
Attack Range: 625

Intelligence: 24 + 2.1
Strength: 24 + 1.9
Agility: 15 + 1.8

Zet, Arc Warden Spells/Abilities Guide:

Flux (Hotkey: C):

Engulfs an enemy unit with swirling volatile energy for 6 seconds, slowing its movement speed by 50% and dealing damage over time if it is alone. The effect is muted if there is a nearby enemy unit within 225 aoe.
Arc Warden Flux

AoE: 225
Slow: 50%
DPS: 15/30/45/60
Duration: 6

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 75
Cast Range: 600/700/800/900

Note: Effect stacks directly with multiple instances. Each instance operates independently.

Ability Code: A2M1

Magnetic Field (Hotkey: F)

Distorts space, generating a circular field that grants 100% evasion and bonus attack speed to allied units and buildings within. The field has an aoe of 375.

Arrc Warden Magnetic Field

Duration: 3.5/4/4.5/5
AoE: 375
Attack Speed Bonus: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 50
Manacost: 110
Cast Range: 900

Note: Units need to remain within this area to get the bonuses

Ability Code: A2LM

Spark Wraith (Hotkey: R)

Summons a Spark Wraith that takes 3 seconds to fully materialize. Haunts the targeted area until an enemy comes within its range and then fuses itself into him dealing magical damage.

Arc Warden Spark Wraith

Activation Delay: 3 seconds
Duration: Lasts up to 50 seconds before expiring or when it finds an enemy
Damage: 150/200/250/300
AoE: 375 (seeks towards the closest unit in this AoE at 400 MS and damages it)

Cast Range: 2000
Cooldown: 4
Manacost: 50

Ability Code: A2LL

Tempest Double (Hotkey: D):

By vibrating at extreme speeds, Arc Warden is able to create a perfect electrical incarnation of himself for 20 seconds, at the cost of health and mana. This incarnation can use any spells or items he has, and spawns with his health and mana after the cast.

Arc Warden Tempest Double

HP/MP Cost: 30/15/0% of current HP/MP

Cooldown: 55
Duration: 20

Note: The Tempest Double is visibly different for allies. Cannot copy Wards, Smoke or Refresher Orb.

Ability Code: A2M0

Arc Warden Item Build Guide:

The item build for Zet is currently unavailable, you can share your own through comments.

Arc Warden Strategy Guide:

No Guide available :( Why don't you submit your own?

91 Comments yet..:

Anonymous said...


- douchebag

Anonymous said...

Dagon Build would be better -xCode.ng.Pinas

aDDicTs!!!! said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Damn, This guy's Imba

Anonymous said...

it is IMBA with dagon 800+800 burst damage :)

Anonymous said...

Skill Build:
Spark Wraith
Magnetic Field
Tempest Double
Spark Wraith/Magnetic Field
Spark Wraith/Magnetic Field
Spark Wraith/Magnetic Field
Tempest Double
Magnetic Field/Spark Wraith
Magnetic Field/Spark Wraith
Magnetic Field/Spark Wraith
Tempest Double

Zet is a spellcasting agility hero with a focus on using utility items and utility skills for the betterment of his team. His spells deal a lot of damage, especially early game, but are somewhat difficult to hit. His ultimate is very powerful in all situations due to its short cooldown and decent duration, with not a huge penalty otherwise. For this reason, he is most effective when he is coordinating with his team to set up ganks in early to mid game, while providing either utility or damage later in the game through his ultimate.

His first skill is Flux. It is a single target ability that deals sizeable DPS to enemies, as well as slowing them by 50% for 5 seconds. However, no other enemy unit should be nearby that hero. For this reason, it is ideal in lanes where you are against a solo hero, such as solo mid. The long duration earlygame will completely destroy anyone in your way. The AOE is quite small and you can even squeeze out these in dual lanes or tri laneswhen the enemy isn't very tanky, as they will be forced to either change their positioning or lose the battle. As it levels, it gains damage, but more importantly cast range which will allow you to initiate quite well. When you use this in conjunction with tempest double, you can either use it to kite one hero for a long time or just put it on the supports in the middle which are trying to avoid damage.

His second skill is Magnetic Field. It is a utility based abilities best utilized when the battle is not mobile, such as when you are pushing. However, it can still be used to great effect in teamfights. This will be his main lategame skill, and will help greatly when they have a farmed enemy carry. When you're in choke points that you don't want to be in, this will greatly aid you in the tide of battle. Even if you're not, if you're still bunched up because you're pushing a tower, it will give you a lot of leeway. However, it has a huge cooldown so, if possible, try to save one on your tempest double while you dole them out.

Anonymous said...

His third skill is Spark Wraith. It is an interesting delayed damage ability that you fire at a long distance with a priming duration of 3 seconds. The cooldown is extremely low; only 4 seconds. It also has a great 2000 cast range , making it an excellent continuous source of damage. It can be used for chasing, or especially area denial in lane. Because of the large damage and low manacost at level 1, he can use this as a pseudo-techies mine and lay then around the lane or rune where he thinks people will come, and score an easy kill this way. The projectile itself shoots out very fast, but requires good timing or a set up to properly hit. For this reason, in hectic mobile battles it can become quite difficult. Generally, just try to lead the heroes and place it in obstructed vision like trees where he will run nearby. If worst comes to worst, you will just force him to take an inopportune path. Keep laying these down since they're low manacost, they can snag you a kill after the battle.

His last skill is Tempest Double. It is a very unique skill granting you an additional hero with your original spells and items for a small health and mana cost. As it levels, you take less damage and use less mana when casting it, which is good because you're not very tanky in the first place and it has a low cooldown. This skill really opens up a massive amount of possibilities for Arc Warden. He can go a large amount of builds such as support with CC items and arcane boots, damage with utility damage items such as manta or ethereal blade, and ganking with items such as medallion or necro3. Really, you can just adapt to what your team has and what their team has because of his wide variety of skill and item combos, similar to rubick.

buah hati saya selamanya^^ said...

i think the second skill is totally ridiculous!how come he can spam that skill with only 50 mana,within every 4 sec and its damage is 300!also can be cast with the range of 2000.so unfair.

anon said...

bloodstone manta invis bkb dagon
him ulti + 4 copies + 2 fields + slow + dagons

Caleb said...

It so unfair ! Remakes please

Anonymous said...

orchid manta shiva and this guy own

Val Allen Samonte said...

you can defeat roshan within seconds with lvl 3 necronomicon and backdoor a tower (yes, backdoor!) and destroy it also within seconds. 4 necronomicon can deal a whopping 500+ damage per second alone! combine this with magnetic field and flux = imba much

Val Allen Samonte said...


Anonymous said...

Skill build
Spark Wraith
Magnetic Field
Tempest Double
1 Spark Wraith
2 magnetic field
3 Sp. W.
4 Flux
5 Sp. w
6 Tempest Double
7 Sp. w
8 magn. field
9 magn. field
10 Flux
11 tempest D.
12 magn. field
13 flux
14 flux
15 stat
16 Tempest D
+17 stats++

Anonymous said...

to unfair remake for zet please

Anonymous said...


Joemarc Perey said...

hmpf..item build can be..
sy or butterfly

NᴀᴢɪʀOʟ Gʜᴀffᴇʀ said...

it's too IMBA ! hmphh

Anonymous said...

item build can be ethereal, dag 5, guinsoo, mecha, euls and bot

Prankster said...

Anybody knows hero code of zet?

alex rumba said...

i would prefer the arc to play supportive man......starting armor zero....base damage really low comparing other heroes...wud prefer vanguard,pipe, shivas armor, dagon,orchid,guinsoo....the evasion that it provides is damn imba....and the spark wraith can be spammed and even hunt the invis target dude....it can be killer.....also manta is preferrable since the magnetic field provides the a.s along evasion.....:D

Anonymous said...

100% evasion!!! IMBA hero!

Anonymous said...

thing is he has the field skill that grants 100% evasion, just use ethereal,manta,dagon,necronomicion, BoT,and guinsoo. First use ulti,then field, barrage them necronomicon, then ethereal blade, then 2 dagon activates, then guinsoo(continuous one after the other has lost effect) then you could also use refresher orb for the ultimate killing machine barraging ur enemies with 3 dagon attacks, 3 ethereal blade attacks, 3 guinsoo attacks, 6 necronomicons that burns the enemies mana, fields that render base attacks useless and mantas that put out a lot of attack power.BOOM!

Anonymous said...

swa kljawvnjnkawm j

Anonymous said...

what so IMBA? this's normal IMHO! then how about Ulfasaar, Stlitche, Eredar, and Lanaya?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

its better for necronomicon.. and guinso XD

Anonymous said...

i will stop to play fucking dotA soon as possible because can't recognize sense of this sicknesses,even dude who never played game can make triple kill without thinking,too balanced,armor,spells,speed,buffs,auroth ruckick,ursa him are making me stressful and i dont know why icefrog is so gay nowdays he ruined dotA.

Anonymous said...

This hero is not imba at all, 3rd skill is very easily avoidable and it needs 3 seconds to form to damage anything and it lasts for 50 secs.. Pretty useless after enemies are level 6-7 and above. Only good for solo mid to chase hero away for better farming and preventing enemy from farming.. You people saying manta, dagon 5, necro3, guinsoo.. Lol.. You think you can farm that with this hero?? Play and think again!! Winter Wyvern's skills are more balanced and useful.


i think he can repel juggernut

Death Reaper said...


Anonymous said...

slark is still the most IMBA hero.
they should decreased slark skills

Lavelia said...

for me.. ..though im a lame stupid player ^^
arcane for mana
SY could be my first build cause im havin a hard time gaining creeps because im NOOB xDD
BkB and BF i think if i would be a killer type.?

i just don't know haha lmao
crazy little me xDD

Anonymous said...

Imba hero, skill 1 + fast cd skill 3 = instant death. twice dagon, midas, and necro. I love all of 75b changelogs, except this hero. So unfair, the imba level of this hero is too damn high, ramake plis, ASAP

Anonymous said...

hands of midas then necronomicon level 3. he's not that imba. 0 starting armor,hero without stun, slow only works when the target is solo,100% miss within 200+ AOE?o come on!

Anonymous said...

this guy is Imba his ss can use Ehteral and Dagon easy kill

Anonymous said...

Imba? So funny bro...

1st skill can be muted if we aprroach ally unit
2nd skill. Just walk away from the AoE.
3rd skill need 3 second to active, so we can easily escape from it. Unless it placed in blindspot
4th skill can make a chaos, but attack two of it and finish...

Anonymous said...

Spark Wraith is ability that can be used alike of Goblin Miner...

Anonymous said...

Manta Style + Damage

Use ultimate to produce copy, press F1 and click Manta, press F2 and click Manta, cast the area effect spell, use spark wraith with both hero and double, use area effect spell again, use spark wraith with hero and double.

This hero is imba

Anonymous said...

IMBA..observer ward + skill 3 guarantee a clean hit..
midas + dagon + veil of discord + refresher orb = cheap money and easy kill..
aw cmon, this too imba hero..need remakes

michael angelo gonzales said...

My Item Build For That Is
Boots Of Travel
Sange And Yasha
The Butterfly
Blink Dagger/Lothars
Eye of Skadi

michael angelo gonzales said...

Boots of travel

Mark Jay Villacoba said...

My Own Build

Hand Of Midas
Dagon upto lvl 5
Note: this is killer type and the midas will help you for fast money gain


Manta Style

Note: this is for pusher type

Imam Dermawan said...

i like this hero...

Anonymous said...

The skill build for this hero is dagon (max lvl), necronomicon (max lvl), guinsoo, bot, midas, ethereal :)))

add me on gg
-->maki180597 ( PINOY AKO )

Anonymous said...

:P Oh this hero is very fun

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

item build:Hand of midas very good when u get ulti and Dagon and ethreal blade arcane boots is very helpful for team also thats what i know

Anonymous said...

item built
arcaneboot,butterfly,skadi,dominator,sange yasha,manta style.

lusoe lay said...

It should be Intel

lusoe lay said...

It should be Intel hero!!

Akshunna Shrestha said...

Here let me help you guys out, take Stealth Assasin, build bkb, along with other usual items which are Vlad,Diffusal,Butterfly, Treads and Sange and yasha smokescreen Arc then beat the crap out of him in somewhere around 3 seconds.

Anonymous said...


EkonArch said...

I don't mind him..!!! dragon knight aftr lvl6 n van-gurd he's dead meat....nxt wit frc stsff n doimi

Anonymous said...

Imbalance lol IceFrog must fix this or Dota will vanish xD

Anonymous said...

i think zet is balanced enough.

Anonymous said...

1. boots of travel / power threads
2. necromicion lvl 3
3. Manta Style
4. Butterfly
5. Refresher Orb
6. Guinsoo

Use necromicion then manta style > ulti
use your image manta style and necromicion
use the refresher orb then necromicion > ulti
use your image manta style and necromicion
use magnetic field (3x)then guinsoo (3x)

Anonymous said...

he is such a useless hero ... .. .. .. .u can avoid him so easily i have tried fighting a player using this hero and he could'nt even hit .. why ?? cause his 3rd skill has a fixed range ..

Anonymous said...

there is no imbalance hero if you are talented and smart..

Anonymous said...

pussy hero. even stealth assasin cannot walk past his ward when invis

Yaphets said...

i think it would be nicer if you remove that hero.. its so fvcking ugly.. like your website

Anonymous said...

I think Zet is Balance enough...

kelvin4566 said...

necro,bot,manta,assaut,hand of midas,divine. how to farm so much?? SPAM hand of midas....

Dota kings said...

this herous is monster

Anonymous said...

Imba for me!!

Anonymous said...

imba nyo lahat sir bobo nyo.. best build nyan manta necromancer guinso lothar travel refresher orb.... XD

Anonymous said...

trax w/ mkb will destroy this shit

Anonymous said...

Demon Witch will banish all his mirrors and finger his arse hard

Joshua Cuenza said...

HAnds of midas is the best for zet.

Anonymous said...


vince759.webs.com said...

wow just ethereal + necro + dagon .. BEST men.. !

vince759.webs.com said...

this hero is IMBA men! just bUy 1 valve and you can use it. anything you want.. u want to heal urself? just press ss then valve.. done! or valve +clarity = good first item.. no need to return to the fountain..

Anonymous said...

no remakes for zet.!! you all afraid ..!! dont play dota if afraid..!!

Anonymous said...

This hero isn't imba.... 1 MKB and he's toasted

Anonymous said...

this hero is not imba, invoker is the true imba hero

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous dota have a 6.78c?

Anonymous said...

item build:

arcane boots,dagon,orchid,guisino scyte,diffusal blade(if enemyes are spell casters)OR desolator,shiva guard

even if the hero is agility the item should have active abilities

Anonymous said...

spell build
1. Spark Wraith
2. Flux
3. Spark Wraith
4. Magnetic Field
5. Spark Wraith
6. Double Tempest
7. Spark Wraith
8. Magnetic Field
9. Magnetic Field
10. Flux
11. Flux
12. Flux
13. Flux
14. Flux
15. Atribute Points
16. Double Tempest
17-25. Atribute Bonus

WrongTurn said...

spell build
1.magnetic field
2.spark wraith
3.magnetic field
5.magnetic field
6.Double Tempest
7.magnetic field
8-10.spark wraith
11.Double Tempest
16.Double Tempest

starting item.
hand of MIDAS before lvl 6 usefull for farming
luxury item.
manta style.
MKB/Buriza or both
power threads/Boots of Travel
Lothar's edge for escaping

Anonymous said...

this hero is just a noobie for me

Anonymous said...

necronomicon , manta , dagon , midas . boots of travel :D fast push

Anonymous said...

neronomicon , manta ,midas , butterfly , dagon , BOT or Boots of Travel .. FAST PUSh

Anonymous said...

deso, butterfly, BoT, manta can make this guy rule the game...
ive tried and it works

Anonymous said...

deso, manta, BoT, butterfly, orchid, buriza.. ownn

Anonymous said...

Item Build
assault quirass
Boots of travel

new korea song said...

item build
-boots of travel
-hand of midas (for early game)
-4 rapier


Anonymous said...

i think zet is balanced enough

Anonymous said...

completely easy to kill using tiny (stone giant). not thought enemy at all when you all skilled.

Anonymous said...

Play as support.. play safe

place your spark wraiths on their towers after the creeps get past them.. you'll just need 4 wraiths at early game (wraiths are hard to see when placed on towers)
farm midas as fast as you can,
at level 6 get tempest double and use it to get another shot of midas
get boots then necro LVL 3
get manta and upgrade boots to BoT then get guinsoo

if you want, you can also get lothars to push safely

You are a fuckin pusher. Nuking the heck out of towers in seconds

use tempest double to get 4 necros, 4 illus and 2 of you. you can push 2 towers in one shot if you're lucky

Anonymous said...

stop talking i am the imba

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