DotA 6.71b 6v6 Map Download

DotA 6.71b 6v6
The 6v6 version of DotA 6.71b is now out. DotA 6.71b 6v6 map is same as official Dota having all the changes intact but with 2 extra players slot replacing Referees/Observers slot, this is why it is not considered in tournament & league matches.

DotA 6.71b 6v6 Map Download:
DotA 6.671b 6v6.rar (7.46 MB)

Download the map compressed rar file and extract in your Warcraft 3 Maps folder.
DotA 6.71b 6v6 Map Notes:

Release Notes:
* A big thanks to FuBaSh for working on 6v6 DotA.
* This release should include all features from the last 6v6 version.


Warcraft 1.25 Patch
DotA 6.72

52 Comments yet..:

Unknown said...

first blood

Skulz0r said...

are there any 6v6 dota room in garena to play this map??

DUF_f said...

Hey, what happened to the Forum ? It doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

haha lol .. this is really good

Anonymous said...

More players more clashes more sprees more rampage!!! :D

Anonymous said...

lol.. two player each lane, 6v6 game will take 80minutes to finish..

Anonymous said...

Third... Killing Spree

Anonymous said...

@ 1:58..

it will take less time because more players = more push = more chances of gg

Anonymous said...

thats laggy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Laggy ?
Cause ur PC is MADE OF PAPER! :))
EEWW?!! :)))))))))))))))

Anonymous said...


Sentinel = Neutral Passive
Scourge = Neutral Hostile

- Scott Padin - warpetzz123 - GeneralWarzz -

Anonymous said...

Less time in killing Roshan!

- Scott Padin - warpetzz123 - General Warzz -

Anonymous said...

noob rosh only takes 30 secs with ursa at lvl 6 anyways...

Anonymous said...

good job now.... we"ll c weather hon wan make duplication or not...........

Anonymous said...

Lol anonmymous is gay

Anonymous said...

nice map!..

Anonymous said...

AwssuUUMMMMM LESSS time For FinishinG The game And More Experienced Games

Anonymous said...

how I wish they will use
this map

Anonymous said...

hay how can I play with ai mod in 6.70b / 6.71b?

Anonymous said...

noob, no room in gg wants to play 6v6

Anonymous said...

why i cannot access to the forum

Anonymous said...

HON will surely duplicate and copy DotA then later if DotA 2 is release then they will make also HON 2 xD

- Scott Padin - warpetzz123 - GeneralWarzz -

MKB said...

Is there any tool for creating garena skin? Dota-utilities is the best~!
Send me feedback at- .|cfffff247MKB (garena)
sagii_0506 (yahoo)

Anonymous said...

dude imo , 6v6 its bullshit 7v7 makes sense tri top tri down 1 mid xD

Dota said...

Thank so much

Anonymous said...

3 down 1 top 1 roaming 1 mid

Anonymous said...

6v6 is the max because every map has a max players of 12 but the sentinel and the scourge will be neutral passives.

- Scott Padin - warpetzz123 - GeneralWarzz -

Anonymous said...

If there would be 6v6... I thing the armor and life of the tower must be expanded... because the game wont last long... great chances of gg is assured.

Anonymous said...

I prefer if they would edit the map for Referees/Observers slot. Coz 5 v 5 ? come on... Its damn bored.. by 2 v 2 the game goes longer more players and more exciting. But if you were to edit the map to a 14 maximum slots. make sure you make a patch for 14 slots. Why don't you guys do it ? Its a good contribution to everyone and a blessing to all! If you were to do that, maybe you could be sponsored, help by others. Isn't that great ? Who doesn't want to play 6v6 ? Its more challenging. If no one agrees to it. its up to them. But to put 6v6 is kinda good. so more players could join the game.

Anonymous said...

6 vs 6=less gold

Admin said...

6v6 nice map but why so many ppl not dare to play ?

Anonymous said...

i'd like to test this

Anonymous said...

working !!

Anonymous said...

nice i like this was really interesting

Anonymous said...

3v3 is the best 6v6 sucks because if u have noobs in your team you will lose wther u r a great player

Anonymous said...

wow srap nito mga sirss....^^happy trip poh:))

Anonymous said...

nice 1

venge said... huh??!is it real??!

Anonymous said...

6v6 is great :)

anonymous speaks in tagalog :D

holy[S] said...


Anonymous said...

you all downlaod also no ppl in gg wan play this map .

Anonymous said...

lol quadlane rules! you can actually do 6 man gank at lvl 1 and pwn the lanes 1 by 1

king princess Snow said...

i want map

Mike said...

if your not weak then this is the best map for you stupid morons!

Anonymous said...

yeah thats right

Anonymous said...

hello if you wana to play this map on garena ( it will give lot of garena EXP and it will have 12 players 12 heroes lot of KILLS and battles and ...

add me on garena i will cr8 this map all time
my garena nickname is danielAngelov
add me and we will play DOTA 6v6 No lags No livers just for FUn !!

Anonymous said...

addd me on GG ( my garena acount is danielAngelov)

i will create this map and we will paly

no lags no livers

12 players 12 heroes lot of garena EXP lot of fun abd KILLS
so add me on garena and we will play it is best map (we start whit 853 golds like normap map 5v5

Anonymous said...

holy shit
beyond godlike

Anonymous said...

hey watch this youtube video DOTA 6V6

Anonymous said...

Could you please create a Hero which is known in Blizzard and

known by everyone. Diablo - Lord of Terror since King Leoric and

The Butcher is already a hero there in Scourge.

I already have invented some of his skills and stats: Here goes...

Of course he is a Strength Type - Melee.

All fears this Lord of Terror as he unleashes the great power of

darkness within. He possess great strength that anyone fears of.

Diablo's presence will make your soul live with terror.

1st skill - Dark Horns (charges a hero with a 50% chance of success

/ failure) Success : 20% chance knockback stuns for 1.75 secs

Failure: Diablo takes 50% of DMG.
Level 1 - 100
Level 2 - 150
Level 3 - 200
Level 4 - 250

2nd skill - Passive - Servant of Darkness (Since all heroes have at

least one passive skill)+ Armor to Self and allied heroes.
Level 1 - +2
Level 2 - +3
Level 3 - +4
Level 4 - +5

3rd skill - Hellfire - Diablo unleashes a breath of fire, enemies take

damage on a row AOE. (Same with Pitlords Fire skill and a little with

Phoenix skill) This skill need to put on target to cast.

Level 1 - 90 DMG
Level 2 - 150
Level 3 - 200
Level 4 - 250

4th Skill / Special Skill - Apocalypse - Of course, we all know the

ultimate magic of Diablo is the Apocalypse. This is a channeling Skill

since it will be much stronger... Diablo releases its stronger Spell

which has a 20% chance to knockback an enemy.. (Good for a

gangbang isnt it...) (Channeling - of course it takes the real form of

diablo and cast it with his almighty wave of two hands.) Can be

cancelled any form of stun..

Level 1 - 150 DMG, Knockback chance 1
Level 2 - 200 DMG, Knockback chance 2
Level 3 - 250 DMG, Knockback chance 3

Blizzard Guys on work with this. You decide on the DMG and AOE

and range to make it fair enough... Just a suggestion. :)

Anonymous said...

lol what the hell this out!!

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