DotA Tricks Vol. 6

DotA Tricks
DotA Tricks Vol. 6 by Kuarinofu. Here comes a DotA Tricks Compilation. It has very good DotA tricks & tactics which can be used during a live DotA game and these can be really helpful. Some of them might be considered as a bug but who cares :p?

DotA Tricks:
1. You can use your illusions to attack/tank Roshan.
- Summon your illusions via Rune or Manta. Select them, Press M and click on Roshan.

2. You can attack Roshan outside his cave using any Orb Skill, it will make Roshan unable to attack your hero.
- For e.g. Drow Ranger's Frost Arrows etc.

3. You can check your Enemies if they are killing Roshan. Your opponents won't notice you.
- Go to hill on left side of Roshan's cave. Select ward and click at Roshan's spot, it will reveal the area for 1 second & ward will not be placed. DotA-Utilities

4. Naga Siren's Ultimate (Song Of The Siren) can be used to scout for enemy heroes.
- Just cast the ultimate where you think your enemies are and they will be revealed sleeping :)

5. Naga Siren's Mirrored Image or Manta Style can be used a escape route.
- Just cast illusions on terrain edges, you will be thrown at a random place.

6. See it yourself.

7. You can evade Kunkka X-Mark the spot with Magnus Skewer.
- It just needs proper timing.

see the rest by yourself..

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Anonymous said...

First blood!


Anonymous said...

how does he know that 6.68 preview video coming in a week????

SinnerSynx said...

Don't know. Maybe, IceFrog hired him to make the video?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

but if u kill rs outside it makes u v vulnerable lol.

Anonymous said...

nice trick tq

Anonymous said...

COOL!!!!!!! 05 megakilllLLLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HOLY!! TRICK! is there any magic trick?

Anonymous said...

gd trick and its working~

the orb atk makes u a good scout when ur teammates are atking roshan while u can also lend a hand, and even if the enemy atking from the other side, u'll have good chance in avoiding death.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha nice trick ^_^

some will be very usefull hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Really nyc..

Anonymous said...

how the kunka water always got de

Anonymous said...

nice one man

especially da kunka one....

i love it.

Administrator said...

Thx you

Anonymous said...

nice music and tricks

Kuarinofu said...


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