Dota 6.59d is Now Official Stable Map


Dota 6.59d is Now the official Latest Dota-Allstars Stable Map
- Finally we've got the new stable map Dota 6.59d after 8 months, previous stable map was 6.57b. You can confirm it by visiting There have been rumors that there are still some bugs left in Dota 6.59d but this update of stable map has removed all of them.

It's good to have a new stable map, It doesn't effect pub games but it has much importance in Leagues and Tournaments. They usually go with the latest official Dota Allstars stable map because stable maps don't have any bugs and exploits that may ruin a game. There might be possiblity of few bugs in Dota 6.59d but it is declared as an official stable map. If you are bored with this map :( , Don't worry Dota 6.60 is about to come in couple of days. There are tons of items/hero changes and balancing in the upcoming Dota Allstars 6.60 that has taken so much time (about 5 months) So hope no bugs in it :).

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omarfrq said...

now kingsurf will make strategies on this new stable map :P

Anonymous said...

FFS i am tired reading the phrase "dota 6.59d" i want dota 6.60 map @_@

SinnerSynx said...

@ Anonymous, My friend just wait 2-3 days more and you'll get Dota Allstars 6.60.

Krinkoz said...

nice but how do you get all these updates?

Anonymous said...

just get it from
redownload the map thts it

noob said...

DotA 6.60 nearing completion

mikelso said...

the only problem in 6.59d is that collided map

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