Kingdom ( MYM ) Is Over | Team ( MYM ) Kingdom Disbanned

One of the most powerful roster of competitive DotA has been over. Yesterday " Maelk" posted a shocking news that his team will no more play together. Former Known MYM , after djooks and
then Kingdom.
Maelk's Statement:

"We have decided to shut down the team.
Kai has had a desire to play with for a long time. Their playstyle fits him perfectly and they have his longtime friend, Levent, and of course KuroKy who is also German, so its an obvious move for him to take. Personally I find them stronger than ever, and with their current form it`s probably the strongest lineup there has ever been.
As for the rest of us, Pusher, MaNia- and I have been focusing on the upcoming Europeans Nationscup and playing with an all Danish lineup has rekindled the fun of the game. One of the reasons why we weren`t performing in the end, was probably because each of us played and practiced with different teams. Kai with the Germans, Loda with his Swedes, us with our Danes whilst Ben has been more or less busy with school, meaning we had three to four different opinions on how the game should be played, which didn`t work out as it has in the past.
As for Loda, I am not sure what he is going to do, but our focus is mainly on the Danish team and our actual lives over the course of the summer, so I doubt we`ll be building up anything together.
Was a great ride, but it all fell apart with MYM coming to an end. I wish all of the guys the best of luck in their future teams.

Source: Dota-League

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Anonymous said...

is this really is true?!?!

Anonymous said...

hard to believe but it is true :( no more good games to watch :S

Anonymous said...

holy crap was this article written all by yourself?

are you maelk?

oh wait....this is a "spam comment" gg me

Anonymous said...

omfg this is so sad news :S I havent been so sad since the day i read that 4K. clan disbanded :'(

Anonymous said...

farewell buddys

Anonymous said...

Well new team will be born

Anonymous said...

oh men..why do the good ones always end's up like these?.

PaPASuSaN said...

Darn it! I really loved this team. :| :| :|

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