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There has been a rumor few days ago that Loda is joining MYM Dota Squad, but now it is confirmed. The former captain of recently disbanded team SK has now joined MYM.

Loda's future discussion has been hot topic over last few days, putting him all the teams coL, mouz, Ks.Int to MYM, where now hes officially in it. Also he played for MYM in the KoKC (MYM vs MET). The addition of Loda will surely give MYM a good name in the Dota community. Mikkel "Mikkel" Skriver, is now the team manager who will from now be helping the team with management.

Here is the statement from Jonathan "Loda" Berg:
Hiho everyone it's your everyday coolboy speaking!! I haven't been without a clan for more than a few days but I was approached by Maelk some time ago and that was what made me thinking about a future in MYM. Ofc I'm not sure if the clan is able to survive with all these egomaniacs inside it, but I feel that there is a good chance that it will work out. As I wrote in my statement when I left SK I don't want to be the leadertype in a serious clan anymore so I'll gladly join the ranks of the team that no one could possibly love. I've known for ages that what they lack most of all is some interesting personalities and that's where I suit in. I am THE best player in the world and these guys will only help showing everyone else that it's the plain truth (laugh). Some people don't think I could play together with Maelk, cause of the old MYM story etc, but at that time we didn't know each other as good... Know I know he's an arrogant punk, and I respect him for it.
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Now MYM Dota Roster will look like this:

  • * Mikkel "Mikkel" Skriver (manager)
  • * Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen (captain)
  • * Brian "Mania" Strandby
  • * Martin "Pusher-Street" Mogensen
  • * Amel "Playmate" Barudzija
  • * Jonathan "Loda" Berg
  • * Ben "Merlini" Wu
  • * Kai "H4nn1" Hanb├╝ckers

Dota-Utilities wishes Good Luck MYM for their future events.

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