How to Watch Warcraft 1.22 Replays in Warcraft 1.23 Patch?

Dota Replay Converter - Warcraft Replay Converter allows you to Watch Warcraft 1.22 Patch Replays in Warcraft 1.23 Patch. Now you can enjoy watching 1.22 Patch replays competitive Dota in 1.23 Patch. Good! isn't it?. Thanks to the anonymous person who created this great tool. Now we don't need to Switch Warcraft Version or two Warcrafts installed to watch 1.22 patch Replays.

Warcraft 1.22 to Warcraft 1.23 Replay Convertor Download

You need the Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 in order to use this Software you can download .Dot Net Framework here by using this link.

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Anonymous said...

hi well theres a new patch 1.24 for warcraft i was wondering how we can watch 1.23 replays in 1.24...

Anonymous said...

did some one here playing in Garena?

because i have problems joining in the game, i was moved out of the created game even im not kiked by the host or server. why did this happens

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