How to use Garena In Game Messenger? (Guide)

What is Garena In Game Messenger?

Garena In Game Messenger allows you to chat with your Garena buddies and teamates without tabbing out (ALT+TAB) of the game while playing and keeps you informed when your buddy tries to message you. The default shortcut is Ctrl + F7

How many games are supported in Garena In Game Messenger?

Currently 2 Games are now supported in Garena In Game Messenger. More games are being added by time.

1. Warcraft TFT (DotA)
2. Warcraft RPG

What are the functions of Garena In Game Messenger?

Here are the list of features of InGame Messenger.
  • Chat with players on buddy list within the game
  • Chat message preview in Game
  • View buddy status and room the buddy is stay in
  • View avatar while chatting
  • Adjust transparency of the message panel
How to use it?
• When you start game, you will get a notification window indicating In Game Messenger is working. In the game you can press Ctrl + F7 to activate In Game Messenger, and talk to your friends on Garena within the game. Please note that when In Game Messenger panel is activated, you mouse and keyboard commands will not go into the game.
In the chat window, it will also display the recent chat list. If you haven't read a certain buddy's message, the name of the buddy will be blinking.

To go back to the game, simple click on the closing button, ESC or press Ctrl + F7.

Where to get Garena In Game Messenger?

• Garena In Game Messenger feature is currently in beta stage and will be officially released soon , You can get Garena 3.35 In-Game Messenger beta :

Help and Support!
• For more information and bug reports, kindly post in the In Game Messenger Forum.

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Anonymous said...

i have a problem that every time that when the game is starting in dota i was suddenly disconnected. is there a solution? pls help me....

Anonymous said...

same problem i have ,, i think its from windows 7,,,,

Anonymous said...

me too same thing .............
help me plzzzz

Anonymous said...

better quit playing..:))

Anonymous said...

me connot see any gme.....
pls help me

Anonymous said...

my problem is being disconnected too in the game

Anonymous said...

I cannot see any game too...

Anonymous said...

I oso dc when the game start . dis page can give answer or not? =='

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