The Gaming Style in Warcraft 3 DotA

The Gaming style in Warcraft 3 Defense of the ancients
Last Few months there has been a lots of changes done by the IceFrog, along with 6.40 to 6.48b there was a mass ganking style and Team Virtus Pro was almost unbeatable in that version.
But after that IceFrog decided to make changes and the gaming community also wants some changes and their wish was fulfilled. The new version 6.50 came along with big changes in dagger and bottle, These changes were those type of changes which make version 6.50 into farming style. Almost every team picks up ultimate late game hero such as spectre, Terror blade.
But this version extends the game time and the gamers felt that DotA is becoming too boring to play. Then Icefrog decided to make frequent changes in most of the items and heros to take mass ganking style back in DotA.

Nowadays most of the DotA teams are looking forward to adopt ganking style. The reason behind this is the new items and heros were introduced and we are watching some quick games.
There is no doubt that Warcraft 3 Dota is the most popular and growing game in the Esports market.There has been competitive Dota all around the world and Garena helped a lot to promote this game. IceFrog and gamers also need to work hard to put this game in the most of the International Esports Events.

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Anonymous said...

who did you steal this from?

Anonymous said...

he wrote it

Anonymous said...

yeah !

Anonymous said...

You finally wrote your own article.Good job dude.

Anonymous said...

Nice, but you saydn only two playng styles, the farm, and the gank, but is there another ones?

katarsys_! said...

supporting role :D

Anonymous said...

well atm icefrog is adapting for the PUSH/Fast games, thats whats going on .52+ until 59, and I think its gonna keep going in thaqt direction

Deepak said...

I firmly believe that 6.59 has changed the game-play of the top teams. A simple example would be the KS vs SK match in Farm4Fame. As more & more events start using this map, we'll see a clear difference in the game-play.

Anonymous said... the 6.40 era my own team was at the top of their game but since the new versions have come up...we've lost sooo much ground and have had to change alot in our play style and change the whole team...sad really
the real skill rests in ganking and overall game style..not farming

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