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Mefhisto Warcraft III Toolkit is another Tool for customizing Warcraft Spells and Inventory Hotkeys Like Warkeys and Lesco Warcraft Toolkit. This tools contains rich features such as (HP Viewer, Multiple Languages, Win Key disablers etc..) More features listed below!

Mefhisto Warcraft Toolkit

  • Custom Keys Simplification
  • Replay Auto Saver
  • Hit Point Shower
  • Backpack Helper
  • Windows Keys Disabler
  • Build-In Replay Charter
  • Advanced Game Configuration
  • World Editor Tweaking
  • Various Game Modes
  • Simple and Clear Interface
  • Easy Set Up with Configuration File
  • Multi Language Interface
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How it works! (configuration)

CustomKeys.txt - copies my custom keys to warcraft 3 directory in keyboard layout version depending to Keyboard parameter from config.ini file.
First it copies old CustomKeys.txt to CustomKeysOld.txt and then it replaces it. When you exit warcraft, old keys are restored.
Keys are assigned for first four lines of letter part of keyboard.
Folowing keys are used for standard qwerty layout:
Abilities are assigned for first QWER keys.
Be sire to set Keyboard parameter in config.ini file as you need.

Hit Points Show - runs little application, which presses [ and ] keys, when there is wc3 window.
In effect it shows hit points bars over each unit. Can be enabled/disabled for enemy and/or ally.

Replay Auto Saver - runs application, which saves replay after each game played.
Replays are saved in following way

Backpack Helper - binds first two keys in first two lines into numlock keys. Use CTRL to use with.
For standard qwerty layout it works like this:
CTRL+Q works as Num7
CTRL+Z works as Num1

Windows Key Disable - disables windows key and alt+q hotkey. Use CTRL+ESC to minimize.

World Editor - When you use tool to run World Editor, settings from config.ini are saved into registry.

Config.ini Configuration


Is that bannable by Blizzard?
No, It's not. It doesn't change game in any form. To prove it, here is a link:


All credits goes to Mefhisto for creating such an awesome toolkit.

13 Comments yet..:

Anonymous said...

ATM this toolkit is alot better than warkeys and LWT what you guys say?

Anonymous said...

Yea it is..

Anonymous said...

Hey admin could you post some guide of this toolkit? please :)

Anonymous said...

falcon buddy this toolkit is very simple and easy to use no need any guide...

Anonymous said...

may be some features of this toolkit already in 1.22 version of warcraft 3 tft

Anonymous said...

i am using this tool for 2 years now .....and i noticed some minor problems on some dota heroes

For Example :
On Mortred -you can't cast first spell because the hotkey don't work so the spell hotkey is " D " originaly ... but "D" is the shortcut for hodl position in this tool so you need to cast the slow spell with the mouse

On Venomancer - 2 Spells 1 hotkey " E " serpent wards and first spell are both on " E " key when you use E you cast serpent wards

On Lion : 2 Spells 1 hoothey " E " Impale & Mana drain both are on E key , when you press E you cast Mana drain

On Kunka : hotkeys don't work at all ( on most new heroes hotheys don't work cuz the tool is old ) an on top of that you can't cast X mark's the Spot cuz "X" is patrol with this tool

I USE THIS TOOL anyway is the best i love the backpack thing helps alot

IF ANYONE has an idea how to fix the hotkeys to work properly on all heroes please post here or i would apreciate if you send an email Thank you !!

Anonymous said...

HOw Can i REstore this Settings!!!?? HELP ME PLZZ

Unknown said...

that could be a problem as well .... try changing that customkeys.txt file from the main folder

Delete CustomKeys.txt and then change the file CustomKeysOld.txt to CustomKeys.txt i think that should work ...

Anonymous said...

NO!! NOW I delete my customkeys.txt!!

Unknown said...

If someone see this please upload an updated Customkeys.txt for newer versions of dota this is for dota 6.51 the spells on new herose and changed abilities don't work right !!!

Anonymous said...

u all should use "key costumizer", search could change keys to anything u want.i just press 1 button for my backpack.

Anonymous said...

Need help this thing work on garena if yes please tell me how?!

Anonymous said...

it works anywhere.
it enables you to customize game settings while playing.
you may find other tools (WC3 tools) on thehiveworkshop...

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