Dota Tauren Chieftain Strategy Guide

Dota Tauren Chieftain Strategy Guide (Dota Allstars 6.60) - Cairne Bloodhoof, The Tauren Chieftain is newly added hero in Dota 6.60. This post is created you to give the Tauren Chieftain Hero Strategy Guide. You can read Tauren Cheiftain Guide, Strategy and Walkthroughs here and you can share you guides, thoughts and tips about this great hero.

Note: This Dota Hero Guide of Carina Bloodhoof, Tauren Chieftain is taken from PlayDota and all credit goes to the author (Artificial) for writing this guide.


1. FAQ

2. Items

3. Skills

4. Strategies

5. Wrap up

1a. A Hybrid?

Well, of course! The Tauren Chieftan's skills along with primary stat (str) allow for fluid usage of melee dps and caster attacks.

1b. But his spells look really neat...

There is no arguing that. However, his spells have a 20 second-or-so cooldown. This means that you really only get 1 shot at taking the guy out and risking him running away. Furthermore once your mana is tapped you'll be left with a par melee attack that just simply won't do.

1c. How about melee with some lifesteal...

Nope! You will end up not having the mana to keep an enemy from escaping, or using them to help rend their hp down to managable levels.

1d. What if I tank?

And lose all that monster damage? A tank would be a suitable roll for him due to his spells, but his real strength is in using it offensively.

1e. How do I make my very own TC Hybrid?

Read on!

2a. Your kit!

The first thing we'll do is outline the build you will be using. There are 3 core items that must be had, with one of them being a variable.


2b. The Core.

As stated, there are 3 core items which are completely nessecary to the structure of a Hybrid TC. The first being Battle Fury due to it's nice regen, nice attack damage, and nice cleave (using spirit to help farm becomes unnessecary, allowing you to save him for a precious moment that may arrise). This item is a great keystone for your melee damage, and allows you to pump enough damage to truely be a threat with it due to your ability to remove armor resistance.

The second Core item is Phase Boots because let's face it, TC needs to lose some serious body mass and he ain't gonna do it any time soon. Phase boots come into play often during the lifetime of your Chieftan as both an offensive item, and defensive item. Using it defensively is done in an obvious matter, if you are getting chased by a bunch of angry heroes you turn it on and walk through those bothersome creeps. Offensively follows the same concept, but only you are running at your enemy, and you had done a spirit-stun-ulti in advance (ill talk about this later).

The third core item can vary, but all follows the same rule. Intelligence, intelligence, intelligence! A few good items to expect to fill this slot are either Dagon, Guinsoo, Shivas, and Orchid Malevolence. All of these items fit the bill in their own neat way: Dagon (my preference) has that omni stat bonus for more damage, more mana, and a powerful nuke to use on an injured opponent, Guinsoo which gives that stat bonus as well the sheep ability to hold em down for your CDs and pummeling, Shivas because of the large aoe freeze to catch enemies and keep your mana happy, and Orchid malevolence because, well, extra damage done to you when you have no armor as is can be a very bad thing for yourself especially when he HITS FASTER.

2c. The Do's and Dont's

Along with the core items, some items complement TC very well while others are just a large money sink. Some great items to help TC keep healthy could be a bracer (just 1) and a HoT, though I strongly suggest getting HoT as the last item of your build. Other items do quite the opposite by either costing too much or providing too little of use. A common example is Dagger. Often called for by many players, its use is easily overridden by your ranged stun and maiming ultimate. There is absolutely no reason to teleport to your enemy when he is standing still for 5 whole seconds.


alt Heart of Tarrasque. Adding a little tankability never hurt.

alt Eul's Scepter of Divinity. Useful intel and mana regen. Cyclone enemies to prep you or your cool downs catch up.

alt Refresher. Nothing says OMGWTF like 70% of your health missing.

alt Black King Bar. Useful against enemies like clockwork, or those who would get monkey king bar. The ministuns can be a real pain in the ass.

alt Khadgar's Pipe of Insight. Allows you to run amuck against caster types, and gives your teammates a little support as well.

alt If you didnt get this as core, it would be still be a great item to have handy. The nuke often covers those last bits of enemies health right before they get away.


alt Assault Cuirass. Unessecary, the attack speed is not worth it either.

alt Butterfly. No.

alt Power Treads. You will end up not making par in speed, running away could be trickier.

alt Kelen's Dagger. Also unessecary. You do not need to teleport in order to stun your enemies.

3a. Skills

You can't have a properly functioning TC without any skills, or a nice map to the usage of the skills so here I will touch on the spells and strategic usage of them.

3b. The Lineup

Echo Stomp

alt An incapacitation. This ability is defensive in nature but can be used offensively to prep you or your team for a gank or team attack. I say "Incapacitation" because if any hero damages the victim before the duration is over it removes the stun.

Ancestral Spirit

alt Ancestral spirit can be tough to learn and use, but the rewards can be astronomical. The spell places a spirit at your target which moves in a very odd way as your TC moves. This can be described as so: If you place it directly east of you, and you move east, it moves west, if you move west, it moves east; if you move north, it goes north, and vise versa. Also, if you summon it south of you, you move north, it goes south, if you go south, it moves north, if you go east, it goes east and vise versa. Due to its 1600 cast range, this can also be used to catch a fleeing enemy with 200 health or less.

Natural Order

alt Now this aura is both his most useful and controversial spell. At its max level it removes enemies armor and magic resist within a 250 radius of either YOU or your SPIRIT. This aura allows your ultimate and stun to do full damage, whilst also giving you the option of fighting them with good ol' fashioned auto-attack. This aura is also great for team fights, as it allows the maximum potential of your teams aoe's and dps.

Earth Splitter

alt This ultimate has a very large casting range, a very large area of effect, and does 35% of their max hp. The only drawback is its casting time which allows for any player worth his salt to simply walk away from it before it hurts. It's best use is directly after a stun, or during a large team battle in which the fighting is too thick to notice the cracky stones underneath your feet. It is important to meet with your enemy before the ultimate activates, as to maximize the damage done to them.

3c. Skill build

Although you may find your own way, this is how I reccomend selecting his skills through the levels.

1. Spirit

2. Stun

3. Spirit

4. Stun

5. Stun

6. Aura

7. Ultimate <>

8. Stun

9. Aura

10. Aura

11. Ultimate

12. Aura

13. Spirit

14. Spirit

15. Stats

16. Ultimate

17. Stats and so on.

4a. Common Strategy.

Now that you know what you are getting it would be nice if you knew how to use it all. Look no further as I am now going to cover common strategies used against the common enemy.

4b. The first 5 minutes.

The game starts, blue guy types -ap, you have your TC. What Next? First off, do not take middle lane as it is too far away from a Ring of Health which is the very first item you will be buying. Second, get your spirit as your first skill. As the first waves clash, do your best to snag kills without recieving damage. A really easy way to do this is simply droping your spirit on a hurting creep and getting the kill, maneuver it into enemy heroes for bragging rights. As soon as you get 875 gold buy your ring from the Goblin shop, and as soon as you recieve another 225 gold buy a quelling blade as this will make farming rediculously easier. Focus on getting Bfury and Pboots asap.

4c. The Mid Game Brawl.

Yay you survived the tense moments of the first 20 minutes of the game! Now that it is in full motion at this time you will serve well as a ganking catalyst for your team. Opening on an enemy can prove to be very easy, and doing so properly can greatly increase the success of your well planned or on-the-fly gank. This all can be done in a 1-2-3 method. 1. Place spirit on top of or in path of enemy. 2. Use stun immediately, or conveniently to stun opponents. 3. Ultimate. If your team is smart enough to not attack during the stun duration, then the ultimate will surely land. A great way to optimize the damage the enemy recieves from the ultimate, is to use Phase boots and run towards the enemy before it does damage to secure the full 35% of the enemies HP. Afterwards you may beat up or run as nessecary.

4d. The late game Frenzy.

Assuming you have a 1/1 KD, You will at this time have either recieved your level 1 dagon or desired item and DEFINTELY have your battle fury. With the battlefury at this time, you are now a desirable dps, with a raw 200 damage attack with 35% cleave and zero resistance to it. Along with this, your spells will still be a great pain in the butt and your ultimate takes on a new glow of cool as it scales with the tank. All of these things make you an amazing 1v1 attacker to be used to catch people pushing a lonely lane or lycan making his moves on rosh. Your ability to assist group pushes is also great, as you can stun an enemy that is far away from the group to make him unable to assist, or the entire group itself as to allow a focus firing on that poor victim.

4e. Other PROTIPS.

Whack the cyberdemon until it dies. Okay, seriously. The spirit makes for a great harassing tool, or an assist function as it too caries the aura that removes armor. If you see a fight going on, and your hp is too low to help, simply stand a safe distance and drop your spirit right in the middle. The resistance loss for the enemies will be felt immediately by both sides. With one side doing a great deal more damage, and one dying a great deal quicker. Alternatively, if you are getting ganked yourself you can place the spirit near you and stomp to do an aoe stun that carries over a large radius as to make an escape possible.

5a. Wrap up.

If you have read this entire Tauren Chieftain guide, first off I would like to thank you for spending the time to read it. I do apreciate feedback weather it is constructive criticism or praise and I more often than not read people's opinions and suggestions on the things I write, so feel free to PM me some ideas or your 2 cents.



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Anonymous said...

i think it's nice when venomancer's ulti might have an ending strike so that it will kill's frustating that they have 1hp..^^

Anonymous said...

no, its worked that way so that his ult does more damage then normal over time but doesnt kill. it will never change

Anonymous said...

yea,i tottaly agree ...i can't find razor on the tavern :(

Anonymous said...

why is it so hard to find the dam changelog

Anonymous said...

i don't like this version..
its a bit find what u want...

Anonymous said...

this game is awesome!!!
but there is one thing that bugs me
Viper's ulti cool down is 30 seconds
on the last level

Anonymous said...

wtf lol someone make 6.60 ai im stuck in france for a holiday with a bad-ass internet connection and i need ai coz i cant play online!!

Anonymous said...

The aura only reduces BASE armour to zero, so if they for example bought an assault cuiruss the enemy would still have te armor from it but have no base armour.

zig said...

The casting of the stomp is 2 secs, with 2 secs the enemies can be no where to be found. As they see your spirit, they will back down immedietly. Its better if the stomp can cast a stun at once.

zig said...

The casting of the stomp is 2 secs which is better to the enemies. When they see your spirit they knew you will stomp therefore, the enemies can runaway immediately. Its better if the stomp can cast the stun at once so that the enemies can no longer excape.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dagon? Gonna try that... Still, with sange alone, killing is easy xD

Anonymous said...

tauren chieftan stuns along wid the spirt takes long time

Anonymous said...

Whoever said assult doesnt stack is a retard, it does.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows that assault is a luxury item(and it stacks)show its a great item for tauren
lots of armor AS decreaseas the armor from the enemies

alex said...

really helpful guide because i am still a sort of noob at thsi game and tc is a really strong good hero that i want to be good with.

Ebong said...

o.0 it must be the SS (level 6 skill) before spirit then stomp.... promise this one is effective when clush maybe you might need to have dagger of escape for you to have this combo pack... wahah i have done this strats and it was nicew and yet effective .. XOXO x

Ebong said...

i forgot the reason why dagger is for the fact that the enemy is avoiding the 2 sec. casting stomp you need dagger to cast shivas guard when stomped
set asyd the other supporting items BKB,SHIVA,Dagger if needed, BATTLEfury the most important item,BOOTS OF TRAVEL,lifesteal tanking process, euls scepter good in one on one fight farm hunting use this to cast all skill 1 man team gangbang..

BUT tauren chieftain isnt an imbalance character like traxex,troll warlord,magina,void,barathrum and slardar....
tauren chieftain weaken when hitted normally. thats my hint about this chracter hope this helps you to play wisely .. xD

Anonymous said...

this is my build and it works great for me
1. magic bottle
2. treads
3. battlefury
4. mask of madness
5. any dps item
6. HoT

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the build i just said is really efficeint in tc's case.
cause when u do the spirit, stomp then ulti u can use ur mask of madness to gain an even higher ms along with the attached spirit. then once u have reached ur enemy ur mask of madness is still activated along with its high attack speed, this is important as u need to do as much damge as poosible in the short period of time when the enemy is slowed.
hope this helped. . .

Anonymous said...

I think on 6 level you SHOULD get earthspliter , great aoe damage and usefull on nuking the groupe of enemys with your friend

Anonymous said...

.....guys try this...

batle fury

works great!!!! can kill hero in 5 secs...

jason said...

try this too
Battle fury

Anonymous said...

lol try tc wif vanguard and manta.its gay

Anonymous said...

... the core is sorta rite... cept i dun agree wif the dont wif Assault Cr... cuz u need speed later on to spam hits on heroes... as mass dmg.... better if u hits while no mana

Anonymous said...

for those who doesn't know what they meaninig about HoT
it means Heart of Tarasque am i right?

Anonymous said...

for me, i think that the first 2 items that TC must build is phase boots and sange&yasha because once TC and his spirit meets, the damage of TC will increase so, the first thing that you must do is to increase the attacks speed and do the battle fury later.:]

Anonymous said...

Battle Fury
Power Threads (STR)
Vladimir's Offer
Assault Cuiriass
Buriza Do Kyanon
Sange&Yasha OR Eye of Skadi

That's my Build! XD

Anonymous said...

TC Combo allies Line-Up
(AoE Massives)
Sand King
& Tauren

(GangBang types)
Naga Siren
& TC

Anonymous said...

The best item that i have used for tauren
boots of travel
refreshers orb
dagger(yo this one is very useful just blink into the middle of the battle use echo stomp and ultimate)
sange and yasha
n lastly if needed battlefury

Anonymous said...

To each their own, but im a personal fan of:


With a half-assed team, you can run in, spirit, stun, ulti,shiv.


spitit, stun, ulti, ref, shiv, ulti, spirit, stun.

Also helps if you have a keeper of light for mana boosting, start casting like a beast.

Anonymous said...

noob guide , it's for pub

Anonymous said...

hey assault is the best for tauren. if u come with basher.

Anonymous said...

seriously i when i used tauren first time soo tank did godlike somehow i just did that spirit then stun then ulti everyone died and raged quit and banned me because i was just to good for them add me pudgehascome

Anonymous said...

battle fury black king bar

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for writting this guid..was helpfull..but i was kinda confused about dagon..gonna try it anyhow..:)

Anonymous said...

assault + desolator and his 3d skill = a lot - armor

Anonymous said...

I'll get refresher,Battle Fury,Deso/S&Y,Heart,radiance and finally Phased boots

Anonymous said...

try tc and jakiro.. imba..

Anonymous said...

vanguard(otional for tanking,double for the ultimate push but it will be gay)
pipe of insight(optional if there are caster types)
vladimir's offering
linkin sphere(for the stats)
sange and yasha
HoT(when you will not use vanguard,which is often)

this are my build exept for vanguard
use this for tanking purposes ONLY

Anonymous said...

WORST BUILD EVER!! he need only vlads batlefury assault and desolator

Anonymous said...

seriously ??!! vlads ??!! u gotta b kiddin man ...he doesnt need life steal dikhed ... battle fury , pboots , these are a must .... all u need is to stun and use ulti ... properly.. thts th job of a TC in A gank ...

Anonymous said...

Orchid provides great help: amplify damage taken, silent.
The combination of: silent + amplifying + (spirit) + stun + ultimate skill is very efficient in killing casters even when their HP is high :|

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How can i baet pudge with tauren

Anonymous said...

mask of madness works fine, vlads offering increases you attack damage significantly when u hit all the heroes with your spirit and it rejoins u afterwards, only fools get dagger.

Anonymous said...

y if im using TC i can beyond godlike in juz 30 minutes? ?..can someoone tell me y?..bcuz my my item was BF,dagon,phaseboots,n 2 i an imba? ? u think so ..add me on GG client 'God^_^slasher'...

Anonymous said...

Avoid heroes with escape skills in your lane.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tc is the best and powerful hero i have ever handled but controlling in and his spirit is trickier

Anonymous said...

Tread + vangard (little Hp and regen) + vlad (life steal) + deso (damage and armor decrease) + cuirass (armor and armor decrease) + buriza (great damage). If you are rich, don't be afraid of replacing vanguard with heart.

Anonymous said...

This guide is too hlpul 4 me. . i read this guide bcuz i didnt ever use tc in dota. . now im xcited to use tc. bcuz of his tricky skills. . xD

Anonymous said...

This guide is too hlpul 4 me. . i read this guide bcuz i didnt ever use tc in dota. . now im xcited to use tc. bcuz of his tricky skills. . xD

Anonymous said...

for me i go

1.soul ring
2.mana boots
6. and if it goes long enough refresher

my average for tc is like 4/3/17

Anonymous said...

the best hero for me is wind runner

Anonymous said...

tranquility boots

Anonymous said...

the best hero i played is lycan, 19 mins thread, vlad and mkb, lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide! Helped me out allot, since I like to play with all heroes. I knda took your build and combined it with some of the comments. I agree with what you said about the Blink Dagger and Treads, but not he Assualt Cuirass.

This will help you allot I think if you buy it instead of Dagon?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

if you are to kill a hero using TC then you have to use all your spells.And i reccomend having quick hands.thats all

Bernard Christoper said...

Good strategy thanks for help me :D

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