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All facts you wanted to know about your hero(es).

Admiral Proudmoore

Units in air can be attacked.
The bubble animation is visible to allies only.
Enemies are paused while in the air, for a total disable time of 1.53 seconds.
Half the damage is dealt immediately when the enemy is first struck by Torrent, and the other half is dealt over time while the enemy is in the air.
[X marks the spot]
The X is visible to both teams.
Cancels Panda’s Primal Split. (ver.6.56)
[Ghost Ship]
Bubbling animation wears off after 7 secs but ms bonus remains till 10 secs.
The damage dealt later is direct HP removal and cannot kill the hero, always leaving at least 1 HP.


[Acid Spray]
Mixed damage
[Unstable Concoction]
All the following ways can be used to stop oneself being UC'ed:
Wind Walk
Black King Bar
Mirror Image
Juggernaut's Omnislash
Juggernaut's Blade Fury
Morphling's Waveform
Faceless Void's Time Walk
Sand King's Burrowstrike
Being Cycloned
[Chemical Rage]
While you're in Chemical Rage and take an Invisiblity Rune or use Wind Walk, you'll break invisibility when the Chemical Rage buff disappears.
While you're in Chemical Rage and an enemy used Guinsoo or Eul, the Rage time will be paused. Chemical Rage will also be paused while you're channeling a Scroll of Town Portal.


[Mana Burn]
Deals 0.6 damage per point of mana burnt. This means you will deal 0 extra damage to units with 0 mana.
Deals normal damage.
If you used Blink to teleport to a distance over the maximum range, you'll be teleported 4/5 of the maximum range instead.
[Mana Void]
Has a ministun.
You can evade the damage with phase shift.


Wild Axes do not hit invisible units.
Primal Roar bypasses magic immunity.

Bounty Hunter

Backstab deals normal damage.
Track can be removed by purge.


Rigwarl's 'rear' is 70 degrees behind him while his 'side' is 90 degrees behind him.
Does not reduce damage taken from towers.
When Rigwarl has full health, the damage received is not reduced.

Centaur Warchief

Deals normal damage
Works on towers.

Clockwerk Goblin

Nothing special

Crystal Maiden

[Frost Nova]
Decreases ms by 30% and as by 20%.
Removed by purge.
Has a ministun.
Frostbitten units can cast spells.
[Freezing Field]
Maximum 40 explosions occur and a maximum of 20 explosions can hit an enemy.
Decreases ms by 30% and as by 20%.

Dragon Knight

Frost attack decreases ms by 30% and as by 20%.
The Splash deals 100% damage in a 75 AOE, 75% damage in a 150 AOE, 50% damage in a 250 AOE.

Drow Ranger

Drow has a line of sight of 1800/1700, point being very good at night.
Trueshot aura does not increase damage from raw damage items.

Dwarven Sniper

Scattershot grants vision in a 400 AoE at the area targeted for 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds.
Headshot is considered ranged bash but the ministun is blocked by magical immunity.
Has a ministun which is not blocked by spell immunity.
When you’re invisible and you cast Assassinate, you will remain invisible until the last moment before your bullet fires.
Assassinate has a semi-true sight effect, which means you can target a wind walking away hero and it will still hit him. Note that neither you or your allies can see the enemy, only the spell does.


[Echo Slam]
Initial AoE is 500.
An echo wave has 500 AoE.
The echo waves can potentially hit a unit that is nearly 1000 range away from Raigor but units have to be within 250 range of Raigor to get hit by both the initial wave and all of the echo waves.
Bounces off from corpses also.
Does not damage decrepified units.
Spell immune units get damaged by the initial wave but not by the echo waves.


Has exceptional vision of 1800/1800.
Untouchable triggers by both physical attacks or spell casting.
Enchant can possess enemy’s illusion.
Nature’s Attendant can heal spell immune units.
Impetus deals Pure damage (max. 400) which is not reduced by anything.
The distance by which the damage bonus is calculated is determined by the positions of Aiushtha and the attacked target when the Impetus projectile hits. That is, firing Impetus and immediately running backwards will increase the bonus damage.


If the target afflicted with Malefice goes out of Enigma's sight range, the stuns are lost.
Midnight Pusle deals magical damage.
Black Hole does not prevent item usage.

Faerie Dragon

Nothing special

Goblin Techies

[Land Mine]
Deals half damage to units 200 - 500 distance away from the mine.
Deal mixed damage.
Not blocked by spell immunity.
Deal damage to buildings also.
[Statis Trap]
Two actions are required to trigger the trap. First, at least one enemy has to walk past the trap. After someone has walked past the trap, at least one enemy (does not necessarily have to be the same one) has to be inside the AoE of the ward for it to Activate.
When one goes off, all other stasis traps in the Stun AoE will disappear.
Activation has a 2 second delay time
[Suicide Attack]
Mixed Damage.
Not blocked by spell immunity.
[Remote Mine]
Magical Damage.

Holy Knight

deals normal damage.
[Test of Faith]
teleport can be disabled by –disablehelp
deals pure damage.


Yurnero attacks units while in Bladefury. His attacks deal 0 damage to all affected units and full attack damage to all unaffected units and Buildings. Orb Effects, Bashes and Cleave still take effect in these attacks.
Yurnero may Teleport while in Blade Fury. You can also use Blade Fury while teleporting without canceling the teleportation.
Blade Fury deals magical damage.
The first slash has a ministun.
Deals normal damage.

Keeper of the Light

also damages siege.
Travels through trees and cliffs.
Gives extending vision in the area.
[Mana Leak]
Can be removed by purge.
[Blinding Light]
Knocks back units 250 distance over 0.4 seconds.

Lone Druid

Demolish ability gives 60% extra damage to spirit bear against buildings.
Rabid can be targeted on controlled creeps.
True form grants extra hp and as.
Rest to be discussed in separate post.

Lord of Olympia

To be discussed in a separate post.

Moon Rider

Glaives override feedback, eye of skadi, corruption, maim, chain lightning.
Lunar aura does not increase damage from raw damage items.
Eclipse no longer deals a ministun.


Morphling is hidden while in Waveform, so he can evade attacks and some spells if timed correctly.
[Adaptive Strike]
Has 200 knockback distance at all levels (STR).
If Morphling has equal STR and AGI, both effects will apply.
Deals normal damage(AGI).

Naga Siren

Mirror Image grants 0.5 sec invulnerability.
Ensnare can target and disable spell immune units.
Sleep can be removed by purge.
Does not affect spell immune units.

Ogre Magi

Bloodlust and Ignite are removable by purge.


Purification deals PURE damage.
Repel can be removed by purge.
Degen aura also affects spell immune units.
Guardian Angel can be removed by purge.

Pandaren Brewmaster

Drunken Haze is blocked by spell immunity.
If the three pandas of primal split are killed, it is considered a suicide.

Phantom Lancer

Illusions deal 25% damage and take 400% damage.

Priestess of the Moon

[Elune’s Arrow]
For every 150 distance the arrow travels, the stun duration upon impact increases by 0.5 seconds. For example, an arrow that travels for 300 range stuns for 1 second, and an arrow that travels at least 1500 range stuns for 5 seconds (which is the maximum stun duration).
Invisible enemies will not be stunned but will still be damaged.
Linken’s Sphere blocks the stun but not its damage.
Leap uses a 0.01 second Wind Walk to dodge any projectiles currently en route to Mirana.
It no longer grants invulnerability.


The trees that spawn when Sprout is used can't be destroyed by the following spells:
Morphling's Adaptive Strike (STR)
Invoker's Deafening Blast
Spiritbreaker's Greater Bash
Storm Spirit's Lightning Grapple
Vengeful Spirit's Nether Swap
Stone Giant's Toss
Dark Seer's Vacuum
Beastmaster's Wild Axes

Rogue Knight

Cleave damage is unreduced.
Toughness aura stacks with other armor auras obtained trough items, like Ring of Basilius and Assault Cuirass.
God’s Strength can be purged.
God’s Strength doesn’t boost damage of raw damage items.

Sacred Warrior

The heal is dynamic, which means that if the target drops below 40% health while affected by Inner Vitality, the spell will consequently heal more HP. Likewise, if the target goes above 40% health while Inner Vitality is in effect, the lesser heal will take effect.

Shadow Shaman

Serpent Wards deal piercing damage. (1/2 times damage to heroes and 1.5 times damage to creeps)
Serpent Wards have splash damage with a very small AoE.


[Glaives of Wisdom]
Deal bonus pure damage.
Does not stack with eye of skadi.
[Last Word]
When a hero casts a spell while within 700 AoE from Silencer, he will be silenced after the Cast Backswing of the casting hero is finished. If the hero cancels his/her cast backswing, he won't get silenced.
This skill triggers Linken's Sphere's cooldown but it would still have its effect.
Last Word doesn't work if Silencer himself is silenced.
[Global Silence]
Affects magic immune units.


Dragon Slave has a cap of 900/1560/2400/2400 total damage.
Light Strike Array has a 0.5 second impact delay and is blocked by spell immunity.

Stealth Assassin

[Blink Strike]
Deals normal damage.
Always teleports riki to target’s rear.
Cannot dodge projectiles.
[Permanent Invisibility]
He is revealed when silenced.

Stone Giant

Toss deals 20% of the damage to the tossed unit. It increases when putting skill points in Grow. Tossed allies take 20% damage from Toss regardless of Grow level.
If a unit is struck by Avalanche and tossed almost immediately such that it lands back in the AoE of Avalanche, then that unit can actually take twice the total Avalanche damage.
Toss deals 25*(Toss Skill Level) damage to buildings.
Passively increases movespeed by 5 for each level.

Storm Spirit

Overload slows all affected units' MS by 80% for 0.6 seconds.
[Lightning Grapple]
Also affects nearby spell immune heroes.
Temporarily removes pathing for all affected heroes while being grappled.
Interrupts channeling spells.

Templar Assassin

Meld has 0 fade time.
Any skill that changes Lanaya's position will break Meld, including Vacuum, Meat Hook, Reverse Polarity, Black Hole, Berserker's Call, Lightning Grapple, Primal Roar, Fissure and Nether Swap.
The spilled damage from psi blades is unreduceable.


Laser deals pure damage.
Missiles and laser do not work on decrepified units.

Treant Protector

[Eyes in the Forest]
The Hovering Sight of the target Tree doesn't change when you put more skill point onto Eyes in the Forest.
Can be purged.
[Living Armour]
Can be auto-casted.
Entangled unit cannot Move, Attack or use the spell Blink.
Does not prevent spell casting (except Blink)
Does not affect invisible units.
Can be purged.

Troll Warlord

Jah'rakal gains the following effects while on Berserker Rage:
+20 Movespeed, +30 Movespeed at level 4
+15 Damage
Turns his BAT to 1.55
+3 Armor
+100 Hit Points

Twin Head Dragon

[Dual Breath]
Slows ms by 30% and as by 20%.
[Auto Fire]
Since Auto Fire triggers at the very start of the attack, attacking then canceling it in rapid succession will give Jakiro a chance to spit a fireball for each attack canceled.
Jakiro can't spit a fireball onto spell immune units but can damage them.
Macropyre's distance increases per level: 600, 750, 900 range with 4,5,6 flame strikes.

Ursa Warrior

Overpower can be purged.
Fury swipes and Fury Swipes deal normal damage and work on spell immune units.
Fury swipes contributes in lifesteal.

Vengeful Spirit

Command Aura does not increase damage from raw damage items.
Nether Swap goes through magic immunity.
Nether Strike can negate Panda’s primal split and Spiritbreaker’s nether strike if used just before he uses it.


If target unit is not near another enemy unit or tree, it stuns for 0.5 secs.

source: DotaStrategy

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