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Soon after the departure from myMYM, Neha 'Rinoa' Nair has started a brand new path, a road not taken in the managing department behind Fnatic DotA. Being one of the few big female names around the e-sports community. Sk-Gaming today sits down with this iconic player, manager, and editor to have a talk about growth of E-sports in America, female gaming, asian community and of course, DotA.

DotA gets a lot of stick from non-players, especially the WC3 community in Europe, why do you think that is?

People compare it to wc3 too much, and that's what pisses me off. Zomg, in wc3 you have to control 500 units and in DotA you control 1 hero. So what? There's more depth to it than that. I've seen professional wc3/cs/cod/wow players completely fail miserably in DotA. There are so many elements to the game that you will not understand and appreciate until you play it at a competitive level.

While we're on the subject, what do you think of DotA as an esport?

Send a messageWell, I can understand to some degree why it's an esport but I think there's way too much randomness/luck involved. I went to ESL Montreal and all the WoW players were so angry at the new patch. I remember watching Fnatic play Roccat, one round lasted like 5 seconds and I thought that was retarded. WoW players themselves just complain all the time about how "stupid" that game is sometimes.

I think it's weird....most players are passionate about the game they play! There is luck in DotA but it's not as major as WoW for sure.


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