DotA Prayer - Funny Dota Picture

I found this funny Dota Picture on Dota-Allstars Official Forum, in which Dota Prayer saying:

Dear GODLIKE, thank you for OWNING me another day... may all the WICKED SICK be healed by your DOMINATING touch.. may your PERSEVERANCE be present MORNING TAVERN unti DAWN TAVERN.. may you increase our CRITICAL from LUCIFER and damage his ARMOR with our DIVINE RAPIER.. Sorry! if we BACKSTAB you.. send us your GUARDIAN ANGEL to save us.. may you continue to bring us UNSTOPPABLE blessings and fill our HEARTS with TARRASQUE.. amen

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Anonymous said...

^^ 1st blood its good lol LOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

ahaha.. :))))

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. but nc to be god like. :D

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