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It´s been announced, it´s been discussed and finally it´s become official:
Dota-League Masters will happen and six of the seven teams have already confirmed their presence. A tournament running over three days live in Hannover, Germany with a world class lineup will rock the DotA scene as never seen before!

Starting on friday with a pre-tournament consisting of four randomly chosen teams from the sign-up , any newcomer team will have the chance to battle live against the top of the world to win the last and eighth spot to complete the tournament which will then start on Saturday 07th.

So gather your mates, form a team of 5 players and take your time for max 3 days from February 06. - 08. to be prepared for the matches of your lives.
The pre-tournament will start Friday, February 06th at 14:00 CET in Hannover at the Entertainment Convention. Any team participating at the pre-tournament will be contacted prior to the event for any open information.

Anyone else who just wants to see some good old live action and meet the DotA community and the top players:
Be invited to the biggest DotA scene gathering world wide!

Participating teams:

Meet Your Makers
Denmark MYM|Maelk
Sweden SK|toMpa
Kingsurf International
Turkey Ks^LevenT
Estonia Ks^Puppey
Russian Federation Ks^Vigoss

Wicked eSports
Czech Republic eSuba|Da_Sw00p
Czech RepubliceSuba|OFFak
Czech RepubliceSuba|Iacek
Czech RepubliceSuba|Tonci
Czech RepubliceSuba|SuRpR1se
Czech RepubliceSuba|Noodle

To be announced
InternationalPlayer 1
InternationalPlayer 2
InternationalPlayer 3
InternationalPlayer 4
InternationalPlayer 5
InternationalPlayer 6
Pre-Tournament Team
International Player 1
InternationalPlayer 2
InternationalPlayer 3
InternationalPlayer 4
InternationalPlayer 5
InternationalPlayer 6

Impressions Of Teams:

Meet Your Makers

Of course its great that there`s another offline event for teams, sponsors and spectators, hopefully alot of people will come. Atleast that`s what I expect since Germany has a very big fanbase, and Germans have the habit of always showing up for live events. So maybe people will be leaning to pick up DotA if this is a really big success. So hopefully nothing but positive things can be gained from this event!


Well I`ve met many teams times over other tournaments. But it`s a great deed for the dota scene (atleast in Europe) that Dota-League can arrange something like this and I think its important that many teams show interest so other organizers will see we want the scene to evolve.

Kingsurf International

I definitely hope that Germany will show tight support to DotA. Would be cool if people would show up for their favorite teams.

Wicked eSports

I really hope that the event will attract a lot of people. Every eSport-titles lives and dies with the community behind it, and if the community attends to cheer for their favorite teams it will prove that we have strong and viable roots and that DotA is ready for higher stages. Hopefully it all works out well and more events follow the path of the DotA-League Masters!


First of all our intention is to play together and actually to have some fun. Of course it`s much better to play offline instead of sitting at home in front of the computer and suffer the delay. Real events are simply so much more exciting for both the visitors and of course for us as well!
The Dota-League team is happy to meet everyone from the scene and we welcome you to join our event in Hannover, Germany.

Any team that wants to take part in the pre-tournament and can bring up the time, can go to the sign-up page. Feel free to contact the tournament admins for any information.

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