Dota 6.58b next stable map?

After 2 months Dota 6.58 map is released with a huge list of changes. IceFrog did a very hard work on making Dota 6.58 map thats why it took 2 months after Dota 6.57 map. And now Dota 6.58b is released with balancing and bug fixed. Now there is a chance of Dota 6.58b to be next stable map.

Here is a quote from IceFrog :
Thanks to everyone that sent me bug reports for 6.58. I just released 6.58b after many countless hours of bug hunting. Let me know if I missed anything and what you want to see in 6.59. I will begin work on it after I wake up tomorrow morning, though I might sleep a little extra to make up for the last few nights :)

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Anonymous said...

It would be stable, if no bugs

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