BioXar DotA moves to Raptor Gaming

After picking up nationally mixed team Apteka, Raptor-Gaming decides to take on board the German team BioXar.

raptorIt is apparently becoming a trend to have multiple teams in your organization that play the same game. Months ago, Malaysian organization Kingsurf opened their international division of DotA, Ks.Int and today, Raptor-Gaming follows their footsteps in a reversed fashion.

Just a few hours ago, German organization picked up the team Apteka in the process of adding a DotA section to that multigaming organization. Just minutes ago, they have added another team on board and this is the German team BioXar, which has shown a lot lately and that must've been no doubt one of the reasons for the decision of Raptor-Gaming to offer them shelter.

All this of course brings changes to the teams' names. The former Apteka team will now be named Raptor.International, while the other team will be named Raptor.National, due to being 100% German.

Quoting Raptor.National captain - eQuiNOX:

since bioxar is a "daughter" clan of Raptor and we performed very well in the past we are glad that we have the opportunity to join the main team. We'll be the national squad for Raptor beside the international squad they invited. We are attending the Dota Masters in Hannover and are hoping for some nice results.

Raptor.National roster:
Christopher "ChiLLi" Brandes (Manager)
Hauke "eQuiNOX" Segert (Leader)
Tom "scream" Kunze
Eduard "schwEDE" Birkle
Lukas "BlowMeAway" Eger
Alexander "Schug" Schug
Thomas "Stryke" Hölich
Dominik "hexOr" Buhmann
Christian "Slap0r" Pticek

Raptor.International roster:
Nikolay "AZEN" Belyakov (Leader)
Elvijs "Zhanis" Smelters
Janis "kenz0" Meijers
Slava "Astra" Groschenkov
Amar "Amartnt" Hassan
Nikola "Minitito" Perkovic

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