Terrorblade, The Soul Keeper - Dota Hero Strategy Guide

Terrorblade is a very strong late game hero that is one of the hardest to kill(almost up there with Medusa and King Leoric) but possibly more dangerous. He is arguably the strongest image hero because of his ranged form. Properly equipped, he can push very fast without fear of death.

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Strength: 17+1.9/lvl
Agility: 22+3.2/lvl
Intelligence: 15+1.75/lvl
Attack time: 1.5(faster than most heroes, with attack times of 1.7)
Movement speed: 320(faster than most heroes, who move at 300)


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Level 1-drains 20hp/s for 8 seconds
Level 2-drains 40hp/s for 8 seconds
Level 3-drains 60hp/s for 8 seconds
Level 4-drains 80hp/s for 8 seconds

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Conjure Image-summon an image that looks exactly the same. Images last 30 seconds. Cooldown is 15 seconds, so you can have 2 images at any one time.
Level 1-25% damage
Level 2-35% damage
Level 3-45% damage
Level 4-55% damage

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Metamorphosis-turns into a large demon with 500 range. Base attack time is increased to 1.7 however.

Level 1-30 seconds
Level 2-40 seconds, +50 hp
Level 3-50 seconds, +100 hp
Level 4-60 seconds, +150 hp

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Sunder-switches your percentage of health with target hero's/image's.
Level 1-33% minimum, 250 range
Level 2-28% minimum, 500 range
Level 3-23% minimum, 750 range

Terrorblade the Soul Keeper Skill Build

Level 01 | Image
Level 02 | Stat
Level 03 | Stat
Level 04 | Image/Meta
Level 05 | Stat
Level 06 | Image/Sunder
Level 07 | Stat
Level 08 | Image
Level 09 | Stat
Level 10 | Sunder/stat
Level 11 | Sunder
Level 12 | Meta
Level 13 | Meta
Level 14 | Meta
Level 15 | Meta/stat
Level 16 | Sunder
Level 17-21 | Stats
Level 22-25 | Soulsteal

Terrorblade the Soul Keeper Item Build

Early Game:
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image

Upgrade to this items
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image

Mid Game:
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image

If you have farmed an Sange n' Yasha by 25-30 minutes, congratulations, you are pretty much assured of victory. Remember to buy the Yasha component before the Sange component. With 4 wraith bands and yasha, you can now take on the ancient creep camps.

Mid game divergence:
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

With map Dota Allstars v6.57b, Terrorblade dominating potential during both late game and mid game has been drastically reduced because of the MS nerf. Gone are the days where you can simply run away from a gank with your 454 MS even if you had shadowstrike on you. Hence we get Treads here to cover for TB's midgame lack of power.

Late Game:
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image

Once you upgrade to Boot of Travel (BoT), you obtain three distinct advantages.
1. You can now TP everywhere, freefarming lanes after successful pushes and ganks.
2. You can now chase people effectively due to your imba Movespeed (MS), using animation cancelling along with ranged stance to ensure that enemies stay within range, where they will eventually get maimed, and the fireballs will burn them to death.
3. Slows now no longer have a great effect on you. To escape a gank, simply run away. Your superior MS should ensure your survival, unless you get chain-stunned/arrowed/jizzed on by alchemist

Luxury Items:
IPB Image
After your Boot of Travel, Sange n Yasha, 4x Wraith Band, buy Butterfly. The reason why I'm including a luxuries section is that because TerrorBlade farms a lot, and can actually get these items should the game progress long enough.

Terrorblade the Soul Keeper Strategy Guide

How to Jungle?
1) Do double creep pulls as much as you can.
2) Use images to help pull.
3) Practice timing issues in single player until you get it down.
4) Ask your team to ward the jungle if the other team ganks too much. Don't buy it yourself, you are a carry hero.
5) From level 2-4, use an allied chicken to buy all your items and finish off your gold supply. Once you do that, go suicide purposely to any creep camp to obtain free fountain trip.


How to fight properly?

Animation canceling is KEY to killing with Terrorblade, especially in solo backstab instances. You should animation cancel + chase when you have SnY + Boots at least. Once you proc maim, you can keep on animation canceling if you're feeling gosu, or just be lazy and let the autoattacks do its trick xD

In large team battles, always use Terrorblade Metamorphosis. Melee images may attack faster, but they generally get in each other's way. Unless you have alot of stuns, and are fighting in open space, stick with the ranged mode of DPS.

Same goes for solo backstabbing. If your ranged form isn't ready, its quite unlikely that you will be able to backstab effectively.

Remember that sunder has a relatively short range, and gets owned by silence. Use common sense, don't wait until red hp to sunder if there's a Lina around waiting to Laguna blade you like a pitiful fool.

What is Terrorblade's Role?

Terrorblade is meant to be played as a carry. What does that mean? It means that you should farm your ass off, as much as possible.

Stay in the jungle and farm. If there is a free lane near you, go out there, and LAST HIT EVERY ONE OF THE CREEPS. (Remember that free lanes almost always give more exp and gold than pure jungling)

Do not participate in ganks until you have SnY. Until you obtain SnY, your presence probably won't make much difference in the outcome of the gank. Do not participate in faraway ganks. Instead, use the distraction that your team mates have kindly created to farm your ass off to that SnY.

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hey i like your tutorial and stats for TB =)..

at first I thought terror is just a bunch of weak heroes....but i know how to use it..

even my friends were suprised because a simple item build can kill a higher level =D..

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give me guide about viper

Anonymous said...

i just started Terrorblade yesterday, using the basics of ur guide, but getting battlefury b4 b-fly, cuz of big cleave bonus in melee and mana and hp regen. In my games, i did rly good. 4th twice, 2nd once, 1st once, and 3rd once. Not as good as my usual as traxex, but rly good for first day! nice guide, tho get meta instead of stat. gives BIG advantage with image.
I also added Lothar's after b-fury.

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

TB is an ownage hero.

Sometimes a dagon and sunder works just fine...

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is that ok to have this at S.K??

Manta Style
Boots of Travel
Eye of Skadi

Lothar's Edge

and a


why dagon??

because when S.K gets low hp use Lothar and Sunder the hero w/ big hp then finish him w/ Dagon...

is that ok??

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it is a good guide and Please post for mirana because I don't know how to use her

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Tb Rocks but your guide is totally wrong .

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which character can stunt great?

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very nice guide!! awesome!!!


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yeah..better first you if you have dagon and lothar's before getting other maechans,,.. ^^

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