Steelseries - King Of The Hill 4 Updates

Another 250 Euros is back up for grabs as the Steelseries King of the Hill returns!

The 4th series of Steelseries King of the Hill is here, with Mouz taking down MYM in the last edition. The team with most votes in 4th KotH is the French team, Serious Gaming. They accumulated a total of 218 votes, with eSuba behind them with 79 votes. They are supposed to face mouz but as mouz players are now part of, meaning mousesports no longer exists, another sign-up will be open to replace mouz.

Vote result:

Serious Gaming21828.2%
Vicious and Evil516.6%
we`ll pwn mouz, np496.3%
Perfect Condition222.8%
Netze Halle192.5%
The Reunion172.2%
Drunk Wombat Gaming162.1%
Very Ape151.9%
On Tilt141.8%
Abuse your Skill141.8%
Team Alpha Fasan!121.6%
Asian Overseas91.2%
-No Damn Leavers-50.6%
Sexy Gaming Crew50.6%
Koj Te Jebe40.5%
Team fkz40.5%
Just bring it!40.5%

A recap of previous King of the Hill:

1. MYM
2. Mouz
3. Mouz

The voting has officially ended with BioXar topping the table followed by hot favourites like Wicked and Internationa- dmZ. While being relatively unknown, BioXar, has beaten some big names like MYM in ESL Major Series III, hence more people want to see the team in action again.

Top 4 of the table:

Wicked e-Sports
diamondZ e.V.17412.4%

Quoting srs[razer]cat:

srs wants to be the new KOTH, and we'll do our best to win this game, we've been trying some stuff arround in this version and we want to show some new stuff!

Will we see the german team surprise us by beating another top team and claim 250 Euros? Or will the French crush the Germans and prove that there is no underdogs? Stay tuned as we bring you more news!

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