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Runes(powerups) are part of Dota, just a like skill of a hero. There are 5 runes in Dota. Every rune has its own ability. Runes spawn randomly after every 2minutes. We can also store them in bottle to get extra advantage.

Regeneration - Probably the most useful rune for Juggernaut. Just store it in your Bottle, then use it when your mana and HP both get low from neutralling. Regeneration will save you a lot of time since you won't have to go out of your way to find another rune if you need to heal, and you won't have to take a fountain trip if you miss a rune.

Haste - Great for ganking (remember that as soon as you use Blade Fury, the haste effect will disapear), and good if you need to take a fountain trip or get to a creep camp in time to create double spawns (see advanced tactics below). You can get almost anywhere on the map in 10 or 15 seconds with haste, so pay attention to any hero that gets low during the 2 minutes haste is stored in your Bottle.

Double Damage - Decent for ganking once you get Omnislash, but mostly useful for clearing hard creeps like Golems and Centaurs (sometimes several hard camps will spawn so you'll have to get them out of the way). Blade Fury dispells double damage too.

Invisibility - Like the other runes, invisibility will be dispelled by Blade Fury. It's still an amazing rune for ganking though. Probably the best. There's a trick with this rune and Bottle where you can click your Bottle to use the rune, then click it again and heal during the built-in fade time. So, if you use a charge of your Bottle within a second or so after you activate invisibility, it won't dispell the effect.

Illusion - Generally the least useful rune, but it definitely has its uses. The easiest use of an illusion is just to have it tank a creep camp for you. You can also use it to scout the next rune, or to see what creeps spawned at a certain camp. You can even use it to pull creeps for double spawns if you're good at doing two things at once.

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Anonymous said...

nice one.

we can surprise the enemy hero also with illusion.

they sometime cast there ultimate also.

Anonymous said...

but actually some players use 1 illusion to lanes and the main hero and another illu used for gank...

Anonymous said...


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