Razer East European DotA Championship Season II Sign-ups are now open!

After the first season's great success and an epic Finals between RuSh3D.DotA and
Kingsurf.International (LINK), the second season of the East European DotA Championship is about to start very soon.

This time the number of regions will be reduced to 6 from 16 so that the tournament can be organized and synchronized more easily than last time. Still 24 countries will be included and hopefully we will have a lot of sign-ups once again, for even more games! The regions will be determined after the sign-ups are closed, so that we can calculate how to merge the regions so that all 6 regions have similar amount of teams included (so same amount of rounds).

From each region, 4 teams will get to qualify to the playoffs, meaning 24 teams. The remaining 8 spots are held for the invited teams, which shall be the previous season's top-8 contenders. The list is as follows:
I Got Game
South Park DotA
4 Glory KGB

The tournament will be held on the latest stable map, which is 6.57b as of now. Backdoor will be allowed fully, while the only restricted item will be Guinsoo (2 per team). All heroes are allowed to be picked.

Only teams with at least 3 East European players may sign up. In every game you must have at least 3 East European to play for you no matter which East European country they are from.

Total Prize Money: 1500USD for the top-4 teams
For the 24 qualifying teams we will give Garena prizes for 5 players per team.

Deadline of registration: 5th January 2009.

You can read the full ruleset here.
You can sign up at the GTS tournament page.
For learning how to create a team on the tournament page, please refer to this guide.

Have fun!

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