The New KingSurf International Interviewed

The DotA community was in shock yesterday as one of the biggest merging has occurred in competitive DotA scene. Mousesports has decided to discard their DotA team and former Mouz players joined together with their temporary Dreamhack teammate, Puppey. Besides that, Vigoss, number 1 player of 2007, will also be joining to strengthen the scare factor.

Striking while the iron is hot, Kingsurf's manager, Eryc has taken the liberty to interview 4 of his new recruit from Mouz (Twistd, Miracle-, LevenT, KuroKy) to discuss about their feelings about the merge and their new organization.

Miracle, Kuroky, and Levent.

Give us a short introduction of yourself

KuroKy: hi im kuro and i play dota for 4 years!
LevenT: HI im Levent Isyapar, 21 years old and i play DOTA!
Miracle-: I'm Jesper Nyhlén from southern Sweden
Twistd: Hey im known as "Twistd" online, as Björn to my friends. Ive played dota for ~2 years and the last year competive with mouz.

What's your feeling of playing under's tag?

KuroKy: Its a great feeling to play under a strong tag and dedicated sponsor for dota players
LevenT: After having a talk with both my mates and the manager of Ks, I feel like having maximum support for our team!
Miracle-: I feel very excited to play under a new tag and I will do my best to help
Twistd: I dont know for sure, i think it will be fine and its pretty cool to share tag with players like hyhy and yamateh!

How do you know about Kingsurf gaming?

KuroKy: All i know is that ks has a very strong asian team
LevenT: I know them from replays and their amazing teamplay lol
Miracle-: I have both seen and played against ks.dota and I really admire their playstyle and individual skill.
Twistd: I guess I did my homework bad, because I don't know much about the organisation behind it. I know (by name, not in person) all of the players and the history/achivements of the team though.

After the asorbing of 4 mouz players, and with the return of vigoss to,the team seems like a merge of Virtus.Pro + Mouz.dota. What is your expectation of 5 STAR team?

KuroKy: Hmm, if everything works out i expect us to be strong, so i can even fulfil my dream - winning an asian lan! :D
LevenT: My expactions will be very high since we have one of the best leader and players in dota.
Miracle-: I always aim for the top and I do believe we have the players and experience needed to make it
Twistd: Well since i had to eat my words and get +20 msg/day about how much we sucked at dreamhack i wont say that we will stomp everything this time. If the chemistry and spirit will be good i think it will be one of the top3 teams in the world. Too high individual skill to fail.

What's your opinion of 6.57? how the new can bring out the best of this version and show the world the "FANTASTIC" game play?

KuroKy: I think 6.57 has too many flaws, alot more than 48 and 52 used to have.. all this spectre visage sa shit pisses me off, i rly dont get why icefrog just doesnt remove spectre, obviously she breaks anygame when she was born.. other than that .57 is on the right way, alot better than 52 and 48 - if u take out the imbas - .. we try to show some entertaining dota for sure!
LevenT: I believe we will bring very agressive dota for the fans and viewers.
Miracle-: 6.57 is a very nice version for aggresive play which will be how the new will play it.
Twistd: I think its a fun version for sure, fix back sentry wards so we wont see so much retarded invis heroes in play. I think the new gonna combine agressive ganks with high pressure on a map and not let the enemis get one single creep for free.

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