Met adds Donald Duck

Danish team Mom equals toilet announced a new player for their lineup. caught him for a quick interview.

Yesterday the all-Danish team Mom equals toilet officially announced their newest addition to the team. With this addition the team now has a 6-man squad. Met finished 4th at this year's DreamHack winter, right behind some of the top teams. The choice fell on 20-year old Denmark Andreas 'Donald-Duck' Søgaard, who's currently in the airforce and working as a bartender. caught up with Søgaard for an exclusive interview and with the team manager. Read on to find out who's behind the mask of Donald-Duck, why he was added to the team and last, but not least, why he chose the nickname Donald-Duck.

Current roster of Met:

Denmark Philip 'QuiSh' Winther Sørensen (Team manager)
Denmark Alexander 'Smiske' Troensegaard (Team captain)

Denmark Martin 'Angel' Olsen
Denmark Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg
Denmark Rasmus 'MiseRy-' Filipsen
Denmark Michael 'Danishpride' Kreilgaard
Denmark Andreas 'Donald-Duck' Søgaard

Denmark Thomas 'Stodderen' Skov (Inactive)

Please give an introduction of yourself.

Sup! I'm da duck!! When I'm not working as Donald-Duck in Disneyland Paris my name is Andreas Søgaard and I'm 20 years old, the last 4 month I've been in the Danish airforce :D well not as a pilot. for this time being I don't have any work, but at summer I work as a guide, and some weekends I work at the local bar as tender :D I love pracing Flair. Right now I just focus my time being the best dota player as possible :D

Why do you think Met chose to add you to the team?

Well we have scrimmed a lot together the past weeks, and it seemed to go better then expected, so the spot got offered to me, I feel like I fit in the team very well cause the team got so many different players, all with different playstyle. I got some skills with heros they hadn't praced that much and my basics on most of the other heros were enough to make me worthy I guess. The teamplay has really worked well when we played, and we are all great friends in MET so I think I was the right add to the roster.

Why did you chose the nickname Donald-Duck?

The nick Donald-Duck is my first and only nick at blan, some friends and I decided to start our own bnet clan back in the days, we choosed to call it Cartoons-United, so I had to choose a Cartoon nick :D a lot of my friends are still confused about why I didn't call my self Goofy though but I guess it can't be helped :D I'm da Duck

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future!

Well thx mate Thx to all the players in the past I've been playing with, really helped me get this far been enjoying every game so far on the dota sene, now I'm just looking forward to new exp!! thx BAX, GIZMO, MALUS, MICKEY, BRAVO, THREMERO, WAGAMA and THX team MET for giving me this opportunity.

We also caught up with Met's manager Denmark Philip 'QuiSh' Winther Sørensen for a short statement about their newest addition.

Donald was once a part of the team and now is again. I know the other guys are quite happy to have him back and he will fit right into what we are aiming for this season in all the leagues we are taking part, not alone Donald has been in the Army for some time now, but we know he has teh dedikation to the game and to the team to aim high, not along his jokes are funny like hell, Welcome back mate looking forward to watching u raping ! DUCK DUCK!

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