Interview with Apteka AmarTnT

Dota-Utilities caught up with Amar 'TnT' Hassan for a short interview about his newly joined team.

t-Dew : Give us a short introduction of yourself please.

AmarTnT : Well I'm amartnt or better known as T n T to most of the gamers in Pakistan. I'm currently studying in England and recently joined the dota team Apteka.

t-Dew : How you managed to get into Apteka?

AmarTnT : I played a lot of games with them in IDEC, And it just came up randomly as a joke in one of the games. after the game astra asked me if I wanted to join and I said; "sure, why not".

t-Dew: What is your actual role in team?

AmarTnT: The same as it was/is in [tw] . I play gankers and semi-carry heroes like puck / na / necrolyte / ck / sandking etc..

t-Dew: What's your opinion on 6.57b, Is it ganking type of map or just farming style ?

AmarTnT: Man I always wanted ganking style of dota.. and this brings back memories of the 48b days.. so yeah i think ganking > all.

t-Dew: What's the meaning of Apteka?

AmarTnT: It means 'drug store'.

t-Dew: Ty for interview, Good luck for your future!

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gogo amartnt

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